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Four Reasons You Attract Bad Relationships

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Some people have the habit of attracting bad relationships consistently. Now although these people are not social deviants, they have personality type that takes them to the wrong people like a moth flying to fire.

One bad relationship is no big deal. But if you have been consistently attracting bad relationships, then it is time for a status check. Ask yourself this simple question, why do I attract bad relationships? The answer lies within you. No one can tell you better than yourself why you attract the wrong guys or girls.


Here are some options that will help you answer the question why do you attract bad relationships.

Attracting Bad Relationships

You Have Low Self-Esteem
You are that guy or girl who sits alone in a corner in any party. You are too shy to approach the guys or girls you really like. So you are overwhelmed with gratitude when someone approaches you. Now this ‘someone' is most often the wrong guy or girl for you.

You Are A Masochist
You will often see women in bad relationships suffer at the hands of their partner and still hop on form one bad relationship to another. These women keep attracting bad relationship because they are masochist; they are addicted to the pain that comes with bad love. There are many examples of successful and perfectly sane women being in bad and abusive relationships for years.

You Settle For Less Than You Deserve
Now, if you are a Phd in nuclear physics and you start going out with a waitress or an air steward, you will not have much to sustain the relationship for long. That is putting the point a bit too literally but you have to understand the underlying fact. You need to know your own self-worth before you jump into a relationship,

You Have A Deviant Personality Type
You are the adventurous type; you like flirting with danger. You are that guy who will date the girl with a notorious reputation or the guy with an uncertain past. In short, you are not someone who plays it safe. You like to take risks with your love life and often pay the penalty for it.

These are some reasons why you must be attracting bad relationships.

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