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Post-Breakup Habits That Add To Misery

So, the relationship didn't work out and you both decided to end it. A break up can really leave you shattered. If you've just had a break up, everything feels wrong and you do not feel like doing anything. Nothing interests you anymore and you tend to think about the ex-lover and all the times you spent together.

However, what affects you more are the stupid activities or rather habits that you pick up after a break up. Often people tend to get into bad habits so as to get over their misery and feel better. For example, you start opting for one night stands so as to get over a break up and forget the past. Well, sleeping with a stranger or friend can turn ugly.

Moreover, hitting the sack or listening to sad songs is another bad habit that most people do after a breakup. You need to get over the past and think about the present and future. Pining over bygones will only add to the misery. Moreover, stalking your ex on social networking sites is probably the worst thing that a lot of broken hearts do. Here are some of the post-breakup habits that you must not get into.


Post-Breakup Habits That Add To Your Misery:



There are many people who stalk their ex's profiles on social networking sites so as to know what he/she is doing at the moment. Well, stalking will only make you feel worse about the break up, so stop it now!


Not Socialising

A lot of broken hearts stop socialising. Well, sitting on the sofa or crying on the bed will not help overcome the breakup. So get over this bad post-breakup habit!


Thinking Of Revenge

Sometimes a broken heart can turn really ugly with the desire for a revenge. You may want to hear a sorry or make him/her regret losing you, but it's best to just leave it. With time, your partner will come to know what he/she did.


Hooking Up

Hooking up can be an irrational decision. So, before you get into this post-breakup habit, make sure you are ready for it and won't regret later.


Listening To Sobbing Songs

A sad song can relate to your condition. Singing the lyrics and bringing yourself down more with sad songs is a bad post-breakup habit that will not let you move on.


Getting Updates

Trying to know who your ex is dating now? Getting updates on your ex from mutual friends is something that will harm you more. Do not get into this post-breakup habit.



This is one of the worst post-breakup habit that takes a toll on your health. Thinking that smoking will help feel better and fight emotional stress is nothing but stupidity.


Sloshing Out

Getting drunk every night so as to have a better sleep and not cry over the loss of your love? Well, drinking alcohol in immoderate amounts can be really unhealthy.

Story first published: Thursday, February 20, 2014, 8:02 [IST]
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