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10 Signs He Is Serious About The Relationship

By Pooja Kaushal

You may have been dating this guy for quite some time and gradually realised a change coming in the relationship. This is a change that feels positive and moving towards a stable relationship.

But are you really sure that he is serious about the relationship? This could probably be your feeling but what about him? It is painful to play the guessing game. It could also lead the relationship into stagnation.

Compared to girls, guys are not so open about their feelings. There may be some who do talk and express their emotions but when taken in the broader sense, it is rare to find such a man.

After all, they are expected to be tough. If your boyfriend is this type, then reading his emotions could be difficult and to know whether he is serious about the relationship can be even more challenging.

But fret not. Human behaviour is not so unpredictable. Every one of us expresses their feelings, only the methods are different. Same is the case with guys. If you know your man and pay attention to the way he carries himself, you will be able to read signs he is serious about you.

Try looking out for some of the following behavioural as well as circumstantial signs. You may be in for a happy surprise.



Does he try to sugarcoat his words and say things only to please you? Or does he give his honest and serious opinion. If it is the latter case, then you must realise that he is serious about you and says what he thinks is right or wrong. He will not say or do things only to please you but because he cares for you and wants things to be right for you.


Introduces to friends and family

A guy will take you to meet his friends and family only when he is serious about the relationship. Has your man taken you to family dinners or parties with close friends? Well, then you have every reason to be happy as he is trying to take things to the next level.


Shares activities

If your man wants you to join him in the activities he enjoys doing, then he is showing signs he is serious about you. He wants you to know what he likes doing and wants you to be a part of it. Similarly, he will try to take interest in things you enjoy and love doing.


Values opinion

Before taking a decision, does he ask you about your opinion? If he does, he values your opinion. It matters to him how you feel about things happening or about to happen in his life. This signals a thought of a future together.


Takes time out

Have you found him going out of his comfort zone to do things for you? It is not so easy to pull a guy out of his comfort zone but if your partner does that for you, then consider yourself lucky. Here you have a man who really loves you.


Calls for no reason

You normally call someone when you have some work or have something to discuss. But if you find your man calling you for no real reason, then understand that he does think about you and wants to be with you.


Makes efforts

If your happiness matters to him and he makes efforts to see you happy, then he is serious about the relationship. Had he not been, he would hardly care to make any effort and would be more concerned about himself than your happiness.


Makes no efforts to impress

Once you move beyond the dating stage, you find yourself to be an open book to your guy and so would he be to you. At this stage, there would not be any efforts to impress each other as you would be well aware of each one's strengths and weaknesses.


Has no hidden doors

When your man starts confiding in you and finds in you a trusting partner, then he is trying to show signs he is serious about you. Human behaviour states that we reveal secrets only to people we trust and if you happen to be that person, then you are moving up a notch in your relationship.


Is dependable

No matter what the situation, you know that your man will be there for you. If this is the kind of relationship you share with him, then he surely is serious about the relationship.

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