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6 Signs To Tell He Is A 'Gay'!

By A Mixed Nerve

When you fall in love, you do not know the deeper hidden facts about your partner. As bisexuality is acceptable these days, there are many people who are trying to hit the other gender as well and nobody wants to date a person who is playing on the other team.

Many men are gay by nature but to hide their true sexuality interests, they start dating women. If your man prefers the company of men around him, then it may be a negative sign.

Being gay is not wrong. However, cheating on a woman by hiding your true sexuality is unacceptable.

Want to know if he is trying to mask his true nature by playing it straight?

Here are the signs to know if you are dating a gay or not.


If a man is trying to be distant from you, it is a clear sign that he is either a gay or is into some other relationship.

Distance only comes in a relationship when a man or woman lacks interest or is not attracted to their partner.

If your man fakes it every time you go close to him, he might turn out to be a gay by nature.

Too Much Into Grooming

Does your boyfriend or husband spend lots of time getting ready in the bathroom? Does he dress really cute and adore himself in front of the mirror all the time? Then beware! It is a sign that your boyfriend or husband is a gay and that he is cheating on you with fake emotions.

Not Interested In Adult Films

When a man doesn't like to watch adult films then you got to test him.

Try to watch an adult film. If he sleeps or doesn't show any interest, you have to start finding out the reason behind this.

Men who are gay prefer not to watch adult movies as they feel shy about it and if your man does the same, it might turn out to be the truth, that you are dating a gay.

Oral Over Penetration

Love making is a basic need in a romantic relationship. If your man prefers oral lovemaking over penetration, then it is a sign he is a gay. This is one of the best ways to know if you are dating a gay or not. Many women feel that men who prefer oral or anal lovemaking are gay by nature. Gay people prefer oral rather than penetration as they feel vulnerable about revealing their true self. You need to find it out for certain by engaging more and more with the art of making love, not just oral but with penetration as well.

Doesn't Look At Hot Women

Try to test his sexuality by bringing in some hot friend of yours. If he doesn't constantly check your friend through hideous ways or looks at her or compliments her, then you have to pay attention. Even if your man is dedicated and committed to you, he will look at least once and talk about her later in front of you. This is the nature of a man and if your man doesn't show any interest in hot women at all, then you might be dating a gay.

Checks Out Guys

If your man lacks interest in women and keeps on looking at what a man is wearing in the mall or anywhere else, then it is another sign to know that he is a gay.

Looking at the shoes, shirt, accessories, and hairstyle of men and not women clearly shows the sensual interests of a man towards another.

These are a few signs to know if you are dating a gay or not. Try to unmask the true sexuality of your boyfriend or husband. If he is gay deal with compassion as he would need it and not with anger. It might be hard for him to open up feelings as a gay. It takes a lot of courage to do that in the society we live in.

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