Signs That Your Boyfriend Wants To Break Up

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Sometimes we are so blinded by the love for that special person, that we fail to notice some very obvious signs that he wants to move away. When we start dating somebody, we happily start imagining ourselves with them for the rest of our lives. Blinded by this bliss of the relationship, we keep on dragging the relationship further. We ignore certain signs which clearly indicates that he is no more in love and needs to break.

Not all relationships have a happy future. Often some relationships come to an end just when you think that everything is going perfectly fine. It can be due to your fault or that of your partner. But every relationship which ends comes with a plenty of warning signs and red flags. So, if you want to avoid getting hurt, then it is better to look out for and understand those signs. Looking out for these signs gives you a chance make things work or to prepare yourself beforehand for the heartbreak.

Here are some signs to show that your boyfriend wants to break up with you.


He Has Started Talking Less

This sign doesn't hit you right away. You know he wants a break up if he has gradually decreased communication with you. Less texts, less phone calls will indicates that he is going to do it quietly.


Frequent Fights

Fighting once in a while in a relationship is okay. But when your guy picks up a fight for every single thing and argues over dumb issues, you can be sure that he is trying to distance himself away from you.


He Talks About Change

If your guy has recently started talking about changing his job or moving out of the city alone then it is a danger sign. If he has not included you in his plans then it's quite clear that he has made up his mind on breaking up with you.


No More Sex

The most obvious sign that he wants to break up with you is that you have stopped having sex. Losing interest in sex suggests that your relationship is is on a downfall.


Facebook Status Change

Check on his Facebook status. If he has changed his status from committed to single or complicated, then it's time for you to get the cue and act accordingly.


Pulling Up Excuses

If he has started pulling up bizzare excuses for not going out with you or staying with you, then chances are that he is looking for a break-up.


Spending Time Alone

This is another sign for you to realize that your boyfriend needs you no more. He will start spending more time with his friends or alone. Most of the time just to keep away from you.

Story first published: Friday, July 26, 2013, 20:29 [IST]
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