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How Smoking Affects Relationships

By Tara Hari

Smoking is one of the least desirable traits a person could possess. When a smoker enters a relationship, they are not only putting themselves, but also their partner at risk. Non-smokers find the smell repulsive and when an individual is a smoker, the smell constantly surrounds them. A person who smokes is considered to have no value for their own health. If the person continues to smoke even while in a relationship with a non-smoker, it is implied that they have no value for their partner's health as well. Compromises can be made at a superficial level, like only smoking outside or during certain days, but that is not very effective. If the main issue can be solved only with completely abstaining from smoking, then the relationship is bound to face a number of problems.

Let us examine the ways in which smoking can affect relationships.

Reproductive Health

Cigarette smoking or even secondhand smoke affects fertility. In the case of men, cigarette smoking damages sperm, affects hormone concentrations in men, and causes erectile dysfunction or impotence. With regards to women, it damages your reproductive organs, increases chances of having a miscarriage and giving birth to an unhealthy child.

Secondhand smoke

Just because you are not the one smoking does not mean you will not end up inhaling the smoke. Passive smoking is one of the main causes of lung cancer. If you plan to have children, you will be exposing them to the hazards of smoking as well.

Emotional Well-being

Cigarette smoking will reduce 12 to 15 years from your normal lifespan. When you are in a relationship with an individual who is knowingly contributing to destroy their health, you undergo emotional trauma. It will be emotionally draining for you to have constant fights with your partner to get them to ditch the habit.

Secret Smoking

There is no guarantee that your partner will quit smoking just because of a promise made to you. Smoking in secret is a very common trait nowadays. Secrecy in relationships is never a good idea and leads to a loss of trust in the partner.


Travelling with a smoker is a huge hassle, as they will want to take frequent smoke breaks. They will be allowed to sit only in the smoking areas of airports and restaurants, exposing you to more secondhand smoke. They will not even be able to sit through a two hour movie without smoke breaks. Almost all of the major romantic getaways now have strict no smoking policies, so you will have a hard time travelling with your partner.

So take a step back before you jump into a relationship with a smoker. You might think it looks cool or that they might give it up for you. But their continued addiction can severely affect and damage your health and relationship.

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Story first published: Friday, May 31, 2013, 16:45 [IST]
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