Do Women Love Hairy Men?

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Being hairy is a manly thing but not every woman feels the same. For men having hair on the body makes them feel masculine and matured. However, when it comes to women, very few of them love hairy men. Most of the women prefer men who have less hair. When we look at hairy men, we get mixed feelings. We either hate them or fall in love with them. Few women love to rub their hands on their man's hairy chest and arms but there are others who hate to see unwanted body hair. So, women love hairy men or not? Find out...

Do women love hairy men?

Do Women Love Hairy Men?

Chest hair is a no-no: When you look at hot and bare celebrities having a clean chest, you start fantasizing a man who will look like an actor when he comes bare chest. Hot and handsome actors from movies and photo shoots have made a majority of women fall in love with clean shaved body of men. There are many women who force their partners to go for chest waxing.

Depends: Most of the women are uncomfortable with hair on the chest and armpits. However, having little hair in arms can tempt a woman easily. If you have unwanted body hair, it can be a big turn off for your woman. For example, hairy armpits do not just produce body odour but looks unclean and ugly too.

In moderation: A majority of women do not mind dating a man if he has body hair in moderate amounts.

Looks like a gorilla: According to women, a hairy man looks like a gorilla. He is unclean and ugly too. As mentioned earlier, hot models and actors have also changed the traditional likes and wishes of a woman. That is why, men these days have started visiting salons and spas for waxing, threading etc.

The way you carry it: If you have hairy legs and wear shorts, you will definitely turn off a woman. But when you carry off your hairy arms and chests with flamboyance, you can attract a woman through your manly attitude and personality.

A man can be hairy due to hormones and genetics. The only question is, should he stay that way or change just to meet the needs of his partner? Well, it all depends on what you and your partner wishes for. If she feels uncomfortable because of unwanted body hair, make sure you shave it off and keep it clean. Even women try their best to have a smooth, clear and waxed skin. So why should men lag behind!

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