Why People Stay In Bad Relationships?

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You might have come across people who cling on to bad relationships. They crib about how unhappy they are but still refuse to leave their partner. You might have often wondered what stops these people from walking out of a relationship that has turned ugly. The answer to this dilemma is the fear of break ups.

It is not easy to let go of a relationship as most of us assume. The fears associated with break up can sometimes be very sinister. So much so that people prefer to stay in bad relationships. If you too are finding it difficult to let go of a relationship that is unhealthy for you, then face your fears. This is the first step to getting over a bad relationship.

Bad Relationship

Fear Of Loneliness: You may think that only people with obsessive personalities fear loneliness. But it is one of the most common fears of human beings. However, it is very easy to overcome. You have to learn to become your own best friend and life will move on happily.

Fear Of Emptiness: Our modern lives are taking us away from reality. We do not have strong family ties any more and thus, there is no support system for a person after a break up. The fear of leading an 'empty' life is so high that people are ready to endure bad relationships.

Fear Of Losing: We all have some deep seated insecurities within us. Some people have a feeling of guilt if their relationships don't work out. They feel like they have 'lost' everything. First of all, when you walk out of an unhealthy relationship, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Secondly, a relationship is not about winning, it is about living your life with someone you care about.

Fear Of Never Being Loved Again: Yes, this is the 21st century and still there are people who think like that. Love is a psychological state and nobody stays alone forever unless they themselves choose to do so.

Fear Of Facebook Status: Do not smirk; it is a fact that people fear to change their Facebook relationship status. Earlier people feared social stigma of a failed relationship. But now, they fear the stigma of social networking!

Fear Of Taking Responsibility: Some people are like human parasites; they like depending on others for everything. This may not be a financial dependence but, emotional dependence that they seek. Now the point is, if you are in a bad relationship, you are probably already taking care of yourself. So all you have to do is, officially take responsibility for your own happiness.

It is natural to fear break ups but it is essential to grow out of these fears. Have you ever feared to let go of a relationship that has gone bitter?

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 7, 2012, 14:01 [IST]
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