5 Signs of Cheating In Long Distance Relationship

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Love is a wonderful feeling. But when your heart wrecks because your partner has cheated on you then it is one of the worst experiences that one can ever experience. Whether your partner is keeping up your faith or not is something that is always very difficult to check. This becomes even more difficult when you and your partner are having a long-distance relationship. Monitoring your partner's action and the change in behaviour becomes tough to observe in a long distance relationship. Therefore, the signs of cheating in a long distance relationship like cover-ups and lies becomes hard to detect.

So, here are few common signs of cheating in a long distance relationship.

5 Signs of Cheating In Long Distance Relationship

1. Busy phone: In a long distance relationship you don't see your partner very often. In this scenario, phone serves the basic medium of communication. So, when your partner is cheating his/her phone will always be busy. It is commonly found in the cases of most people who are cheating that they start avoiding their partner. In long distance relationships this avoidance comes in the form of busy phones. The basic reason of such behaviour is to avoid some common questions like what are you doing these days, with whom you often hangout etc?

2. Inconsistencies: Check for inconsistencies in his/her talks. You need to worry when your guy or girl calls you, and instead of taking about yourself and your relationship they start talking about other things. Many a time when your partner cheats on you he/she doesn't admits it readily. So, they start cooking up stories to please you that are very inconsistent and change every now and then.

3. Hiding accounts: If your partner is not acknowledging you as a friend or spouse on social networking sites then he/she might be cheating on you. A cheating man or woman will not reveal you as their partner on social networking sites. Many a time he/she will even hide you on his/her social networking account. They won't fall short on excuses for hiding you on internet.

4. One-sided visits: This is also one of the signs that your partner is cheating on you. If he/she is not visiting you for long or is even discouraging you from visiting his/her place, then be cautious. The reason for this can be that he/she doesn't want you to come to his/her home and discover that there is someone else in his/her life.

5. Start picking fights: If your partner starts to pick a fight at any chance they get then this could mean that they are cheating on you. Always remember that cheaters use arguments as a coping mechanism. The reason for picking a fight with you too often is that it will give them a reason to end the relationship. So that they can consider themselves the victim of the situation.

Have you come across any of these signs in your partner?

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