Tricks To Resolve Conflict With Partner

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Conflict is healthy for a relationship. That is why we hear from everyone who tries to help us when we have a fight with our partners. Well, conflicts can be healthy but to a certain extent. What when egos of each other start clashing? The conflict increases and becomes difficult to solve. Thus, whoever says that conflict is good for a relationship must think twice. Conflicts doesn't develop the relationship with your partner every time. Small tiffs can be harmless however, there are few conflicts or rather fights that can last for more than a day till weeks. This leaves a negative impression on the partner and also becomes unforgettable.

So, if you had a conflict with your partner, you should try to resolve it before it gets late. If you want to try some smart tricks, here are few that you can use to resolve a conflict.

Tricks To Resolve Conflict With Partner

4 smart tricks to resolve a conflict in relationship:

A good night kiss: You might have spent the whole day without talking to each other. However, couples can resolve their fight when they are in bed. This is the most peaceful and private time when you can forget the whole thing and restart your lives. You can either hug your partner who might be sleeping angry or just kiss him/her to say good night. A kiss can melt all the anger of the world. If you are too egoist to approach with a hug or kiss, just try to accidentally touch your partner and then say sorry. It might work at times. But, avoid bringing egos in a relationship.

A surprise: How about trying this trick to resolve a conflict with your partner? In a relationship, surprises play a major role in making it healthy. The partners always try to expect from each other. So, on this occasion, you can win over the sad or angry partner by surprising him/her. Buy something that he/she likes. You can even use some particular object that relates with you two. It is funny and can definitely bring a smile on your partner's face.

Change the subject: This is one of the smart tricks that many couples use to resolve a fight. While cooking or while watching television, you can raise a topic and divert the mind completely. Sometimes, this smart trick can work wonders to resolve a fight in relationships.

A 'Sorry' note: This is a filmy trick that many couples use to make up for the fight that had occurred last night. You can stick a sorry note or write more words to express yourself and apologise to your partner. Stick it on the place where your partner will visit first in the morning. For example, women can stick on the bathroom mirror and men can stick sorry note on the refrigerator.

These are few smart tricks to resolve a fight with your partner and bring back the love in your relationship. Which is your favourite trick?

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Story first published: Friday, December 28, 2012, 18:45 [IST]
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