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Real Love Story Of A Long Distance Relationship

I never thought I will start loving her and my real love story will be with her!!!!!!!

I met her 3 years back when my brother went to his girlfriend's pg. I didn't notice her much but felt that she was really hot! Perfectly shaped to be precise. I was with my bro and his girlfriend. She stood outside and was busy over the phone. Same weekend, I met her again and this time it was a different feeling, a man's feeling but I never thought she would be my real love as I had a girlfriend already.

We all went to an amusement park and had loads of fun. We spoke a lot that day and gradually became friends. After returning, I started chatting whole day through messages. My real love story didn't start there as we both had different partners before itself. Suddenly, we lost contact and we both moved on.

After two years, I saw her online on facebook and we exchanged numbers. Things had changed in these two years except the fact that I had a break up but she was still committed. She settled in some other state to pursue higher studies. We started talking again and then suddenly I realized I can get her in my life.

I took the initiative and started flirting with her. She replied positively and I think thats when my real love story commenced. We didn't realize when we started loving each other so much. She started avoiding her boyfriend and only spoke to me. We decided to meet up after my semester exams.

I explained my plans to hostel friends and left. They were responsible to handle my parents calls! After seeing her, I couldn't help but feel shy, different and surprisingly, she also felt the same. She came to pick me up with her best friend and then we all headed to the hotel.

The 2 days trip was so romantic that I didn't feel like leaving the city. I was in love with her. She was also crazy for me!!! My strange relationship which started out of fun became serious. I thought I am in a long distance relationship now! A common question which struck my head the night before leaving was, “How will we stay together with the distance problem?"

Its been more than 9 months and we are still going strong. My strange real love story started suddenly but the long distance relationship does effect us. We have lots of misunderstandings and conflicts on regular basis but she always makes up for my faults!! I really love her and feel she is the one for me!!! This is why, I went to meet her recently and spent 5 days with her and only her... Celebrated valentine's day in advance.

My best moments.. Our best moments..... This is my valentine's day gift to her and I want to express my real love through this story.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 15:55 [IST]
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