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When To Get Into A Permanent Relationship?

All couples want permanent relationship. But is this a must for every couple? An affair starts off thinking only about the present. The idea of getting together for lifetime comes after few years of the relationship.

Generally an affair start with hanging around together and sharing lovely moments with each other. The beginning of the affair involves thinking about the present and living it. The idea of making it a permanent relationship only comes in the later stages of the affair.

The couples if share a steady and healthy relationship plan about their future. The idea of taking the relation to the next level mostly comes up in the mind of the girl. This is because women more easily get emotionally attached to their relationship.

Affairs start with love and there are few couples who stay in temporary relationship till they want and then fling off suddenly. This is mainly due to less attachment, understanding and failure in maintaining relations. Even taking the affair lightly leads to such break ups. College and school affairs are very common examples of such temporary relationship where the passing affair does not turn into a permanent relationship. Very few couples think of taking their relationship seriously. The main reason behind not opting for temporary relationship is maturity which helps them take the right decision and make the right choice.

It is very important to consider your decision of entering into a permanent relationship with your partner. Think if the partner is really the right choice for you? Sit and discuss. Try to know the partner's wishes. See what the partner wants.

Most of the men are scared to take up the responsibility of his partner due to which many permanent affairs end up. If such a situation occurs while planning for the permanency, try to become his support and understand him. If you do that, your man will be encouraged and your support for him will force to think about considering your decision.

Be firm, think about the future and then plan to get into a permanent relationship with your love. See if you both connect on bed, thoughts and attitudes. Don't be in a hurry to take this step or too slow. Give time to your relation and then plan. See the result of it after its execution. The love will become more deep and pure in a permanent affair!

Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2011, 15:57 [IST]