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Is Love Blind?

'Love', a very strong and intimate word that each of us has come across in life. In today's society most of the youngsters believe in the saying, 'Love is Blind', which makes parents furious over this thought. However, there are a handful of youngsters who seem not to believe in this term as the road of love can either be dangerous or simply not their path to walk on! For those of you who strongly believe that Love is Blind, its time to open up your eyes and face reality.

Let me share with you a few live examples on why I personally feel that the saying,'Love Is Blind' should not be inculcated in life.

1.Example 1- She lived a perfect life at home wrapped around with so much of parental love, until one day she found 'her man', which was according to her a match made in heaven. Rejected from parents after they learnt of her relationship, she decided to elope with her so called true love and marry, to live happy. But today, her life is a living hell! No experience of happiness as it is covered with eternal fire which can never be doused until she walks away from the marriage.

2.Example 2 – A friend of mine, had this particular glow every time she would see him next to her college gate until one fine day their eyes met and alas! fell head over heels in love with each other. Little did she know how her life would turn out to be, she gave way for marriage , had four children and at present stays in one of the most popular slums in India. 'From riches to rags', her father would sadly express as he stepped out of his beautiful mansion which was right opposite his daughter's small tin door. She was a firm believer of, 'Love is blind, but today, no one can pay her any heed as she lies in her own bed of thorns, as she believed in something that didn't exist!

3.Example 3 – Do you believe that Love is Blind when it comes to age? And is Age difference in a relationship, important? Of course it is, according to a few people, they say that when the man is older you tend to show him more respect and while she is younger she is definitely given that extra attention, something a woman always craves for in almost all relationships! Age difference in a relationship is important because as time goes by, there is good understanding and a lot more regard for the older person. A close one in the family believer of , Love is blind , got married to a man 15 years older to her and though there is great respect for him, however there is certainly no understanding and a great lack of trust because of this wide age gap. The perfect range when it comes to age difference in a relationship is for the man to be around 2 to 3 years elder to the lady in order to enhance the growth of true love holding compassion and respect for one another.

Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 11:28 [IST]
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