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Are Acceptable?

do not bother most of your colleagues as long as work is not negatively affected at the workplace.

Most people believe romantic relationships are OK as long as they don"t affect productivity, de-motivate other colleagues or have an impact on the work environment on the whole.

Nina Cole from the Ryerson University conducted a study that involved 100 employees who at one point of time, had a love relationship in their workplace.

The average length of these was found to be 20 months.

Some companies take managerial actions in cases when:

the performance of co-workers was negatively affected

where the work environment was negatively impacted

when negative emotion from a break-up affected a work environment

Though the employees do not seem to be bothered of , most of them objected in case of a romantic relationship between a manager and an employee of the same department.

Its common to share a relationship with a colleague when one spends maximum time in office, however, company policies should be clear on the fact that romantic relationships should not affect the workplace.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 12:37 [IST]