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Women Date The Right Way.

When it comes to dating, it seems very easy . But one may not know the consequences involved. Whether it is a girl or a guy , you should follow certain rules when you date, if not there will be a lot of misunderstandings, could create a rift and therefore even can cause a barrier to be formed with you and your new spouse.

Women always seem to be the main talker in a relationship and the guy listens, but it not always this way.

Here are some tips to be followed by women when they step out on a date:

  • The first impression is always the lasting impression they say. Make sure that you wear the correct accessories, don't over do the make up for research says that guys don't like girls with too much make up. Wearing something that you are comfortable in will make you look cool and elegant.
  • Revealing too much to your date will only make you more uncomfortable for you will create a past that he wouldn't want to forget. Don't be an enigmatic woman, it drives men wild.
  • Get to know you date for his inner side rather than for his looks. Looks can be rather deceptive. Hence don't assume anything about your date before you getting to know him.
  • Always remember that your ex-boyfriends are strictly your business. Don't bring up the topic of your past and talk to him about it. This keeps him, thinking that you talk behind another backs, which is not good as a start.
  • Having sex early in a relationship will only ruin the best things to come in the future ahead for both of you. No matter how eager you both may be to get in the sack, opt not for that move, get to know each other first and don't sleep with a guy unless he has truly fallen in love with you.
  • Women always keep in mind that a guy is the one who should be chasing you. You chasing him will only seem that you are desperate and wanting for him to be there 24/7. If he calls and its a missed call , wait for him to call you back. Don't pick up his call on the first ring itself, make yourself unavailable sometimes.
  • When it is your girls night out , make sure that it is ONLY an 'All Girls Bonding'. Appearance of your new partner when you are with your girlfriends is just not appropriate. Keep your Girls night out sacred.

Keeping these tips in mind , ladies , your love life will be spectacular.

Story first published: Monday, July 19, 2010, 16:53 [IST]