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The Love Saga Of Gandhi Family - Part II

Posted By: Staff
Love Saga Of Gandhi Family
Priyanka and Robert Vadra

She is tall and beautiful, with a commanding attention wherever she makes a move. He is a small town business man, who loves fast life and has extreme passion for dancing with short and chubby features. There is nothing spectacular about him. So, it was naturally not a love at first sight story. Rather, it is a love story of a girl who craved to lead a normal life in the most unnatural circumstances.

Priyanka, first met Robert, six years before their wedding at a party organized by their Italian friends. Priyanka, at that period was slowly regaining some of the freedom she had lost the day two security guards shot her grandmother dead in 1984. The assassination of her grandmother ended her right to grow up as a normal child. Her childhood was pushed under Z plus security category, that means, no school and few meetings with friends. Until 1989, Priyanka and brother Rahul remained at home, with special tutors to coach them. The only place that they could walk all alone with the SPG security was their garden.

Even in her early teenage she was hovered by the traits of death, the last one that made her bounce back like a great energy especially as a support to her mother was the tragic death of her father. The tragic incident hovering her life due to their extraordinary lifestyle and fame, made her go in search of a man who would bestow her with his simple living and normal lifestyle.

The love relationship was accepted with open arms by both the families. The Nehru family decided to keep the marriage a strictly private affair. The guest list was limited only to l50 member, that would be just close relatives and friends, apart from the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Congress president and some constitutional functionaries.

The civil marriage at 10 Janpath, on the evening of February 18, followed semi-Vedic rites in the south Indian style. Priyanka wore the same khadi wedding sari that her mother and grandmother had worn at their weddings. The other clothes were designed by Ashish Soni. The couple today lead a happy married life with two children Raihan and Miraya. She helps her husband in his small scale costume jewelery export firm, Artex, on the outskirts of Delhi. The firm also designs jewelery.


Story first published: Thursday, February 14, 2008, 16:44 [IST]
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