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How To Date Your Co-worker?

By Staff

On a pleasant morning when you just walk inside the company, you see a beautiful lady with fine attractive features busy working at the corner of the bay. Cupid strikes his best arrow straight to your heart but, you cannot move an inch as you are webbed with either your office dating policies or work pressure. Is this your story? Then read on....

A recent survey states that more than half of employees have had a romantic relationship with a co-worker. Fearing the romantic love notes spreading all around the office mail junks, many workplaces have made written policies

against them. However, if you love your job and one of your co-workers, here are some dating tips. Follow them to make your love your valentine for life.

Check Your Company's Dating Policies

It is better to know all about the company's romance policies before landing into some serious trouble. Be sure you have read and understood it, and if there is any gray area, have your Human Resources department explain it to you. If your company does not have a dating policy, then you can just slide on to the world of love without any hurdles to grab your love.

Get Introduced

In a workplace, most of the time many people don't even know each others name. Although you know where your date sits and his/her log in/ log out time, you know the outwear that best suits too. So the next day, when just pass by his/her bay, stop and say, "I've seen you around for quite some time these days. Have you been employed recently?" Wait for the answer and introduce yourself. Tell him/her which process you work for and stretch your helping hand to introduce him/her to your world of love.

Organize a happy hour

Organize a get together with a group of your friends and invite your date. This is a good way to see how he/she behaves outside of work. It also gives you a chance to engage him/her in a conversation and maybe suggest that the two of you go out for coffee or get a drink sometime. Make sure not to use any words that could invite trouble, as you have to see his/her face everyday at work.

Flirting Tips

When you start dating your colleague and you know you are in good love relationship, make sure, you go easy on the flirting, sexy emails and public displays of affection. Your workplace is a place of business, there is no room for romance. One or more of your co-workers may tire of your behavior, find it disrespectful or even become jealous and insecure enough to bring it to senior staff's attention.

Your dating secret can become public affair more faster than you expect it . So, be prepared to confirm the rumor with your employer. Tell your employer that you plan to keep your relationship professional at work, will not participate in tasks where a conflict of interest may develop, and will inform your employer if either dating party starts to feel that he or she is being sexually harassed.

Don't let it affect your professional life

When romance starts affecting your work, you may be forced to opt either work or love. You may even be asked to end your relationship or find another job. Be ready to decide between your career and your companion.

Story first published: Monday, January 21, 2008, 16:26 [IST]
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