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12 Unique And Adorable Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Couples use different ways to show their love for each other. They show care, respect, support each other and make commitments for each other. But if you are planning to do something unique to show love for your partner then why not give a try to couple tattoos? Getting inked together sounds interesting, isn't it?

But wait! What should be the design? After all, you would be looking forward to having some unique tattoo designs to show your love. For that, we have brought some really adorable and cool couple tattoo ideas.

1. Matching Couple Tattoos

If you are willing to celebrate your love life then you and your partner can go for matching tattoos. This way you will have the same tattoo inked for your entire life and it will reflect your similar thinking.
For this, you can choose a symbol that is close to your heart or a joke, a phrase, joke or any memory that you would like to retain forever.

2. Cute Couple Tattoos

For getting inked together, you don't have to be artistic or think for something serious and brainstorming. You can go for some cute tattoos if both of you are playful. It can be any fruit, emoji or any cute fluffy animal. Also, you can think of something funny. This will always remind you of your playfulness.

3. Yin Yang Couple Tattoos

Yin Yang is an ancient concept that symbolises two halves that are different but fit each other to form a perfect circle. In this, Yin is considered to be the feminine energy while Yang symbolises masculine energy. If you and your partner are different in many ways but have amazing balance in your relationship and complement each other then you can go for this design.

4. Couple Finger Tattoos

According to an old belief, the vein of the left hand's ring finger goes straight to heart and that's why people wear wedding bands there. You can choose a design similar to your ring or it can be a heart or some lines that can make sense when both of your fingers are together. You can also choose to ink the initials of your partner's name or something that symbolizes your relationship.

5. Quote Tattoos

The world has so many poems, stories, novels and songs that speak about love. For many couples, a particular poem or quote defines their relationship and how they feel about their partner. You can have matching lines from a poem or similar quotes or a quote inked half on each of you such that when you meet, the line gets completed.

6. Hidden Meaning Tattoos

Every tattoo has a meaning. Some can be generic and others can have hidden meanings. You can have a design that has a hidden meaning related to your relationship. You can have co-ordinates inked on each of you. The coordinates can be of the place where you first met or the dream place where both of you visit together. Or it can be a secret that both of you share and can be decoded by only two of you.

7. King And Queen Tattoos

How about having a tattoo with a royal touch in it? For this, you can get king and queen on each of your body. This will reflect the respect you give to each other and the distinct roles you play in each other's life. Or instead of getting 'king' and 'queen' you can also opt for inking the crowns. This is one of the best ways to honour each other.

8. Love Tattoos

Couples are fascinated by the word 'love' and the heart symbol. It would be so romantic to wear a heart or the word 'love' on your sleeves or your wrist.

9. Infinity Tattoos

If you want to show your eternal love for your partner, this tattoo will depict your limitless and everlasting love. The infinity symbol is a loop that has neither end nor beginning. Also, the infinity symbol is unisex and will suit every couple.

10. Tribal Couple Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are said to carry significant meanings. If you are willing to get a tribal tattoo inked on you and your partner's body then you must respect those tattoos as they are a part of tribal culture. The tattoos will have dark inks and abstract shapes. You can have some really unique and interesting designs.

11. Cool Tattoos

If you and your partner love what-is-going-in-trend, then you need to have some really cool designs. This can have traditional designs with a modern touch. Also, if you are in a long-distance relationship then you can go for the classic swallow tattoo created by Sailor Jerry depicting birds coming back to their home.

12. Wrist Couple Tattoos

You and your partner can have tattoos inked on each of your wrists that may or may not be similar. You can have the initials of each other's name on your wrist or you can have anchors. Anchors depicts calmness, hope and salvation. This will show that you have found your safe harbour in your partner.

Now it is totally up to you which tattoo you want to have for showing the depth of your love life.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 16:27 [IST]
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