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Ending Your Relationship? Here Are 8 Things To Discuss Before Breakup

Do you ever feel that your relationship isn't working anymore? If yes, then we are sure that the thought of ending your relationship with your partner would have crossed your mind. It is possible that everything may look calm and peaceful from the outside, but inside you know how much you are surrounded by chaos.

Even after repeated efforts to save your relationship and sort out the problems, if you are still facing issues in your relationship, it is high time that you realise what's wrong in your relationship. But before you head towards a breakup, here are a few things that you could discuss with your partner and try to decide if you really need to end your relationship.

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1. Are You Happy In This Relationship

Before reaching any conclusion, it is extremely important for you to know whether you and your partner are happy in the relationship or not. It could be possible that you are not seeing on the other side of the situation. You could be so upset and sad that you are unable to acknowledge the good things about your relationship. Therefore, talking about whether you and your partner are genuinely happy in this relationship or not could help you to a great extent.


2. What Annoyed You The Most

If you have decided to end your relationship to get rid of the daily arguments and conflicts, then it is important that you let each other know what irritates you the most. It could be anything such as your partner doesn't listen to what you say or is always imposing his/her decisions on you. Also, you need to be ready for what your partner has to say. It could be possible that he/she may tell his/her side of the story or would try to give an explanation. Instead of being impatient, try to listen to what your partner says in his/her favour.


3. Things That You Expect From The Relationship

Too many expectations are never healthy. Also, it could be possible that your partner was unaware of your expectations. You might have wanted equality, respect and love in your relationship, but your partner was too insensitive to notice that.. Therefore, it is necessary that you discuss what you wanted and what you received before ending the relationship. It could be possible that this question mends your relationship and prevents any breakup.


4. What Made You Decide That You Want A Breakup

All breakups are not nasty, if you get the chance to properly communicate with your partner that you want to part ways. There could be a valid reason that may have made you decide that you want a breakup from your partner. It could be your difference in religious views, perspectives, lifestyle habits, etc. You need to let your partner know how things have changed and why you want to breakup. This would at least make your partner understand where he/she lacks or how things could have been better. Moreover, it could be possible that you end your relationship on good terms with your partner.


5. Efforts Made By Both Of You In The Relationship

Since you are ending your relationship with your partner, that doesn't mean you only have to accuse each other and talk about the negative aspects of your relationship. If you don't want to have a nasty breakup with your partner, then it is advisable that you also talk about efforts made by both of you in the relationship. You could appreciate each other's efforts such as you could talk about how your partner did things to make you smile.


6. In What Ways You Could Fix The Problems

A breakup could never be a solution to the problems arising in your relationship. If there's a slight chance to solve the problems, then it is advisable that you try to talk about the same with your partner. Therefore, it is essential that you also discuss the possibility of mending your relationship. You could find some ways to fix the problems that have been in your relationship for a while. It could be possible that you and your partner are able to sort out the problems and strengthen your relationship.


7. Things That You Want To Focus On After The Breakup

If you have decided to break up with your partner, you may have thought of concentrating on other important things in your life. Talking about these things may save you from hue and cry. Both of you could talk about these things to also ensure that you would try your best to move on after the breakup.


8. The Good Moments That You Had In The Relationship

There could have been some good moments in your relationship. While you are ending your relationship with your partner, why not talk about those precious moments that you had in your relationship? Even if you have decided not to move back into the relationship, reminiscing good moments of your relationship, could eliminate any bitterness from your heart. Both of you could then still be on good terms even after the breakup.

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While you are talking about the above-mentioned things with your partner, make sure to avoid yelling and screaming. Moreover, having this discussion would help you in improving things in your relationship and evolve into a better human as well.

Story first published: Saturday, June 13, 2020, 19:00 [IST]
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