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8 Reasons That Tell Why Your Ex-Partner Still Wants To Be In Touch With You

One thing that is obvious when a romantic relationship ends is cutting down all ties. Couples generally avoid staying in touch with each other and try their best to move one after their breakup. But what if your ex-partner messages you out of the blue? At first, you may find it normal and think that he/she just wants to have a casual talk. However, it can be something more than that. We have mentioned some facts that may tell why your ex-partner wants to stay in touch with you.

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1. Your Ex Is Still Not Over You

This could be one of the most obvious reasons behind why your ex wants to stay in touch with you. It can be possible that he/she is unable to move on post-breakup and therefore, is messaging you. You may hear your ex saying that he/she can't survive without you and misses your presence every now and then. He/she may not accept the fact that you are no longer together.

2. Your Ex Regrets The Split

Now, this could be another reason why your ex-partner wants to stay in touch with you. He/she may regret breaking up with you or to have done something that hurt your sentiments. Also, your ex-partner may want to apologise for his/her mistakes. You will receive messages that may contain apologising words and your ex may mention how regretful he/she is after hurting you. He/she may send such a message after it's been long since both of you broke up. It can be after a year or two of ending your relationship.

3. Your Ex Wants To Keep An Eye On You

This could be one of the most obvious reasons why your ex wants to stay in touch with you. He/she may want to know your whereabouts. You may not realise this but your ex-partner may just want to stalk you and check if you are happy after the breakup. He/she may ask you questions like how your day is going, have you made new friends, do you visit any pubs, etc. Upon asking why he/she is enquiring so much, you may receive answers like, 'I was just concerned about you', or 'just wanted to make sure, you are doing well'.

4. Your Ex Wants To Make You Feel Jealous

Not every message or call that you receive from your partner is out of regret or because he/she has still not moved on. It can be because your partner wants to brag about himself/herself. Maybe your ex wants to make you feel jealous of his/her new partner. Or if he/she wants to show off how successful he/she has become after moving on from the breakup. You can easily sense his/her true intention through his/her messages. You may find your ex constantly listing down his/her achievements.

5. Your Ex Is Just Alone & Bored

It can be possible that your ex-partner is alone and therefore, wants to have someone whom he/she can talk to. Your ex-partner may be looking for something to cheer him/her. Since you and your ex-partner had once spent some good time together, he/she, therefore, considers you to kill the boredom. You may find his/her words too sweet but once, they have killed their boredom, he/she may again go away from you.

6. Your Ex Is Still In Love With You

Though this is not a bad sign, it can mess up the things. Your ex-partner may still have romantic feelings for you and would try his/her best to win you back. He/she makes numerous promises to you and would claim to have evolved into a better human. Your ex-partner may try to show himself/herself as a mature person. Now it is only you who would understand if your ex-partner has actually changed himself/herself.

7. Your Ex Wants To Be 'Friends With Benefits'

Though you and your ex-partner ended your relationship and have decided to move on, your ex may look forward to being 'friends with benefits' with you. He/she may want to have the same physical intimacy that you had when both of you were in the relationship. You may find him/her passing you several hints in the beginning. Even if your relationship was a toxic one, chances are that your ex would still remember you, if you had a sizzling physical relationship. He/she may still look forward to such moments where both of you can be intimate without being emotionally attached.

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8. Your Ex Wants To Know If You're Dating Someone

It can be possible that your ex wants to know if you are dating someone or not. For this, he/she may keep asking if you have come across someone you would like to date. You may find him/her asking you some random questions on whether you would like to meet someone or who was the person in the picture that you posted on your social media account. Also, he/she may insist you meet someone and go on dates. But these are all because he/she wants to confirm if you are in a relationship or not.

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Story first published: Monday, May 18, 2020, 17:00 [IST]