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9 Qualities You Need To Overlook In Your Partner

Novels and movies have made us believe into a notion that dating and relationships seem beautiful when you're with a perfect partner. However the reality is different as perfect humans never exist on this planet and therefore, if you are looking for someone who is perfect and fulfills all the parameters then you get disappointed in the end. One thing that you cannot deny is the fact that every human has some or the other flaw.

You may try your best to change some of the flaws of your partner. But ask yourself, do these flaws affect your true love for him/her? After all, true love isn't affected by what your partner loves to eat, wear or read. Therefore, instead of sulking over some of the qualities of your partner, the best you can do is overlook certain qualities in him/her.

Here's a list of qualities that you need to overlook in your partner and enjoy your love life. To know more, read on.


1. Age Difference Between You And Your Partner

Haven't you heard the famous saying age is just a number? Well, this indeed is true. Ignoring your partner just because he/she is a bit older than you in age is not a wise thing to do. Worrying about what the society would say about your age gap will never make you enjoy your relationship. This will always bring disappointment to you. If your partner loves and respects you then age gap shouldn't be an issue.


2. Fashion Sense Of Your Partner

It is not necessary that your partner will be a trendsetter and will always be on toes to wear what's in trend. It is obvious that you may find it cringy to see your partner wearing dirty shoes and faded tees. But just because you find your partner's fashion sense to be unsatisfying, he/she isn't good at heart. Maybe your partner is caring and honest when it comes to relationships. Instead of judging your partner for his/her choice of attires, you should go for his/her behaviour.


3. Food Preferences Of Your Partner

All of us have our own food preferences and therefore, we should learn to respect the same. There can be times when your partner may order some food as per his/her choice. You may find your partner willing to eat something that you do not like. But that doesn't mean you will ask him/her to change his/her food preferences. Arguing with your partner on why he/she eats garlic noodles instead of pizza is not a wise thing. Instead of doing so, you can enjoy your choice of food.


4. The Height Of Your Partner

Just as you and your partner have an age gap, it is quite obvious that you may have different heights as well. It can be possible that your partner is taller than you. Ignoring your partner or not accompanying him/her to parties or market due to his/her tall height, can lead to differences in your love life. Instead of considering height to be a legit factor in dating, you should go for the love and respect that your partner has for you.


5. How Good Was Your First Date

You must have often seen that couples go on a romantic date with their partner but in reality it can be possible that your first date may not be as expected. Your partner may feel anxious or nervous on your first date. It is obvious that at times people feel nervous when meeting their love interest for the first time. What matters the most is if that person is good, honest and caring.


6. Past Relationship(s) Of Your Partner

It isn't necessary that your partner would not have dated anyone before meeting you. He/she might have been with someone in the past. This doesn't mean that he/she is a person of loose character. It could be possible that he/she wasn't happy with his/her past relationship(s). You shouldn't be bothered if you are the first or third or sixth partner of the person in front of you.


7. The Kind Of Friends Your Partner Has

Judging your partner on the basis of his/her friends or acquaintances can affect your relationship in an adverse manner. It is quite obvious that your partner is friends with people who are opposite to that of your friends. At times, you may not like your partner's friends. But then you need to understand that friends play an important role in everyone's life and therefore, asking your partner to change his/her friends circle is not a good thing.


8. If Your Partner Earns A Huge Amount

Let's get one thing straight, a person's earnings depends on numerous factors. Just because a person earns a lesser amount doesn't mean he/she is not a competent person. It could be possible that he/she hasn't come across a great opportunity and is trying his/her best to learn new things. Rather than mocking your partner or sulking over his/her paycheck, you should support your partner.


9. How Well Your Partner Cooks

Often people want females to cook mouth-watering food. In fact, it would be no wrong to say that they consider cooking as one of the parameters of deciding if a woman is good or not. But then what if your partner is good at other things? It could be possible that your partner is good at playing certain sports or is excelling at her work place.

Finding faults in your partner and ending the relationship on the basis of these faults can be an easy thing to do. But this is not what true love is all about. It is about how beautifully you respect, support and adore each other.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 16:30 [IST]