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9 Important And Meaningful Lessons That A Breakup Can Teach You

There is no denying that facing the end of your relationship i.e., a breakup is quite heartbreaking. You may find it as one of the hardest phases of your life. This is because you parted your ways from the person you loved and considered as quite important in your life.

But do you know heartbreaks are not that bad either as they can teach you many lessons? Yes, you may find it strange but you can learn a few lessons from your breakup. In order to know what those lessons are, scroll down the article to read.

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1. You Can Never Force Someone To Love You

If you think that loving someone too much will make him/her love you back then this isn't the truth. Love comes from within and therefore he/she will love you only when he/she finds you good, caring, responsible and genuine. Different people have different expectations from their partner and it can be possible that the person you are in love with, doesn't hold any feelings for you. If you have deliberately initiated a relationship with someone, thinking that he/she will love you back, then this will no doubt reward you with heartbreak.


2. It’s Not Wise To Trust Someone Blindly

In a relationship, it is important for couples to trust each other. This no doubt strengthens their relationship. But trusting your partner is quite different from having a blind trust in him/her. Even if you and your partner share a strong bond with each other, trusting your partner blindly is not a good thing. If your close friends say that they saw your partner snogging with someone or hanging out with someone too often, then at least find out what's the matter.


3. Always Look For The Red Flags

There can be certain red flags in your relationship that you need to look for. There can be plenty of signs that may hint you about the changed behaviour of your partner. For example, your partner may try to control the relationship in a subtle way. He/she may try to manipulate or gaslight you. There can be other red flags such as your partner no longer wants to share the household chores or is into someone else. You need to identify these red flags to save yourself from major heartbreak.


4. Let There Be Some Personal Space In The Relationship

Personal space in a relationship is as important as love is. You must allow your partner to have his/her ‘me-time'. In addition to the ‘me-time' create some room for personal space. You don't have to intrude into his/her personal space all the time. For example, you may find it romantic and okay to enter the room without knocking while your partner came out of the shower. But knocking before entering won't make you a bad person either. Moreover, if your partner is talking to his/her friends on a phone call then you don't have to eavesdrop or be on your toes to know what they were talking about. Just allow your partner to have some personal space.


5. Never Let Someone Control Your Happiness

Always remember it is you who needs to have the key to your happiness. Nobody else can decide if you can stay happy or not. It is obvious that you will certainly feel unhappy to see your partner going through a tough time and challenges. But that doesn't mean you can't do things that are dear to you and make yourself feel better. The more you allow your partner to have control over your happiness, the miserable it will become. Your breakup may make you realise then that you too deserve to stay happy.


6. At Times, It’s Good To Let Go

It is quite hard to let go of someone whom you have loved deeply. But holding on to a relationship in which the two individuals aren't happy, doesn't make any sense. Even if you have loved your partner quite deeply, there may come a time when you may not be happy with each other. Initially, you may feel bad to let go of your partner but later you may realise that being happy individually is better than being in an unhappy relationship.


7. Never Compromise With Your Self-Respect

If your partner never treated you with dignity and respect, then your breakup will make you realise that it is never good to compromise with your self-respect. Staying in a toxic relationship that harms your self-respect and makes you feel worthless is not at all a good thing. Walking out of such a relationship is probably one of the best things that you can do to yourself.


8. You Must Not Depend Too Much On Your Partner

Depending on your partner for everything can be quite harmful, especially when both of you part your ways. You may find it difficult to survive without your partner. It is better to be self-dependent and avoid depending on someone for your happiness. You need to realise that depending upon someone will only make you needy and clingy. Perhaps, therefore, your relationship might have ended.


9. Always Listen To Your Gut

We are not saying that you should doubt him/her but it can be possible that the reason behind your breakup was infidelity and blatant lies. No matter how deeply you love your partner, it is always essential that you listen to your gut. If your instinct says that your partner is into something wrong or is seeing someone else, then maybe you need to look into the matter.

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Though breakup seems quite nasty and heartbreaking, it will always bring some lessons to you. Taking a cue from it and moving on in your life will make things easier for you.

Story first published: Monday, May 18, 2020, 14:30 [IST]