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6 Powerful Tips That May Help You To Deal With Your Rude Boyfriend

We have grown up reading fairy tales that tell how a prince rides a white horse, rescues the princess from evil people and marries her. Thereafter, the prince promises the princess that he will always take care of her and will love her till eternity. But do stories turn into a reality?

Keeping aside fairytale stories, one thing is for sure that nobody likes to be around the person who is rude and if you have a boyfriend who is impolite, no doubt things will become difficult for you.

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Once you are constantly exposed to your boyfriend's rude and impolite behaviour, you may be confused about whether to stay with your boyfriend, try to change his behaviour or dump him. Well, then we are here to help you with some tips that can actually work if you have a rude boyfriend.

1. Communicate With Your Boyfriend

First of all, you need to make sure, your boyfriend is aware of his rude behaviour and therefore, it is better that you confront him. Let him know his behaviour is not funny. You can choose a time for talking on this matter. Such as the time when both of you are alone or when your boyfriend is in a good mood. You can initiate the matter in a calmer way and if your boyfriend becomes angry, try to calm him down.

2. Do Not Accept His Rude Behaviour

Accepting your boyfriend's rude behaviour will make you stand at the receiving end all the time. If you tend to ignore your boyfriend's rudeness by remaining silent, he will think that his behaviour is acceptable and he is not wrong. Such as if your boyfriend yells at you in public, you can politely make him understand that you don't like his behaviour. This will make your boyfriend realise that his rude behaviour is not at all acceptable and you are not going to tolerate this kind of behaviour.

3. Point Out Where Things Are Going Wrong

At times, you can point out your boyfriend's rude behaviour to make him know where things are becoming uncomfortable for you or are going wrong. Such as if your boyfriend spoke rudely to the waiter, you can directly tell him in front of the waiter, that this was a rude behaviour and your boyfriend should apologise to him, 'You can't talk to someone, in such a rude tone' or 'Will you stop being rude to people?'

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4. Fix Some Warning Signs

However, not every rude person is mean and therefore, your boyfriend may think he is being witty and practical, though he seems rude.

In order to make sure your boyfriend is aware of his rude behaviour, you can fix some warning signs as well. Such as you will be tapping his hand or coughing if you find him being rude to someone in the public. This can help your boyfriend to understand that he is actually being rude and therefore, he needs to behave politely.

5. Do not Overreact, Choose How To Respond

At times, you may react or lose your calm because of your boyfriend's rude behaviour by yelling back at him or speaking something equally rude and impolite. This won't help you in making your boyfriend polite. Instead of reciprocating with the rudeness, you can stay calm and tell your boyfriend how his behaviour is unacceptable.

6. Take Help Of A Professional

You can also take the help of a professional to help your boyfriend improve his behaviour. The counsellor can find out the main reason behind the rude behaviour of your boyfriend and therefore, can suggest suitable therapies. The therapies and counselling sessions can then actually help your boyfriend vent out his rudeness.

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In addition to this, you need to stay calm, patient and confident. Rather than surrendering to your boyfriend's impoliteness, it is better that you confront him and object his rude behaviour in a calm and convincing way.

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