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Finding It Difficult To Face Your Ex? Here Are Some Dos And Don'ts That Can Help You

Breakups are never beautiful. We, humans, have a tendency to attach emotions to incidents and if it is not a nice one, it stays with us for a long time and also hurts us emotionally in numerous ways.


There is no denying that breakup is a hard thing to do in a relationship. Doesn't matter if you invested your emotions too much or not, you may feel disheartened at the time of the breakup. People feel it is as one of the most difficult and painful things to do when in a relationship. But do you know there is one more thing which is more difficult than a breakup? It is facing your ex post-breakup. Think about a situation where you accidentally bumped into your ex or saw him/her at a restaurant.

This can no doubt make you feel awkward as you might not know how to deal with your ex. Well, fret no more, as we have listed down some do's and don'ts that you can keep in your mind when you face your ex.

Things To Do While Facing Ex


1. Stay calm

Once you have spotted that your ex coming towards you, there is no need to panic. Instead, try to stay calm and handle the situation smartly. Staying calm will save you from doing something unexpected and unwanted. You can try to quickly look at the surrounding around you or talk with someone. This will help you in staying calm when you face your ex.

2. Wear confidence

It is possible that once you and your ex spot each other, both of you might have a conversation or an eye-contact. In that situation, you need to be confident of yourself. Being clumsy and stupid can later make you feel awkward and embarrassed. Seeing your confidence, your ex will perceive that you are doing well in your life.

3. If possible, greet your ex

If you and your ex accidentally bumped into each other, then instead of turning blind eye to your ex, you can greet your ex or maybe your ex will greet you. In that case, don't be rude A smile and a nod can make things easier for you in that situation.

4. Talk on something new

If both of you are facing each other then it is better to start a conversation. You can ask if your ex is doing fine in her life or not. Also, you can ask his/her whereabouts and share the same with him/her. You can also talk about things going around you such as weather, work, etc. Your conversation doesn't have to be too long, you can make it small if you wish.

Things To Avoid While Facing Ex

1. Stalking your ex on social media

As soon as you have spotted your ex in the crowd, going through his/her profile to know what's going on in his/her life is a bad idea. Instead, you can talk about the same with your ex and this will also save you from becoming a stalker.

2. Over-reacting after spotting your ex

Doesn't matter if your breakup was mutual or not, overreacting as soon as you spot your ex is a really bad idea and might even look foolish. Try to stay calm rather than trying to kill or kiss your ex. Overreacting will only make your ex think, you haven't moved on in your life.

3. Digging up on old things

There could be plenty of things that you would want to talk about with your ex. Bringing back topics like 'it all happened because of you', 'why are you still wearing those pants' or 'do you miss me' will make things harder for you. As a result, you might end up ruining things and spoiling your own mood. Therefore, it is better to avoid digging up on old things.

4. Accusing your ex in the public

Maybe your ex hurt you a lot before you decided to walk out of the relationship. In that case, accusing your ex of letting you down, cheating, hurting or ending the relationship with you can't solve the matter.

Saying things like 'You are responsible for what happened', 'I don't want to see your face ever' or 'I can't believe I loved you once' might make you sound immature. You need to accept that your ex is no more in your life and therefore, there is no use in accusing your ex. Holding grudges in your mind will make things worse for you. Therefore, it is better to avoid them.

5. Trying To Hook Up Or Re-Enter In The Relationship

Even if you are still having a soft corner for your ex, trying to hook up with your ex or his/her friends is not a cool idea. Though for an instance, you might think it is a good thing to do, you may regret later. Also, trying to re-enter in a relationship with your ex might not be the solution. You need to understand there was a reason due to which you ended your relationship with your ex and therefore, getting back into the same might be a wrong decision.

Though you might feel awkward and uncomfortable after spotting your ex in the public, you can make things better by keeping the aforementioned thing in your mind. Staying confident, patient and calm will really help you in this.

Story first published: Friday, October 18, 2019, 14:37 [IST]
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