10 Truths About Loving An Optimist & What They Would Expect Of You

By Needhi Gandhi

An optimist is a person who prefers to see the positive side of even the adverse of situations in life. An optimist man or woman hopes for good times, even while sailing through the darkest phases of life. They believe that light is bound to follow the darkness all the time, so it is better to keep the hopes high and continue stepping forward boldly.

So, it is a good idea to love an optimist person, who will teach you to realize the better aspects of life. Their warm smiles may cheer up their partners and may modify their lifestyle for a better one.

The Experience Of Loving An Optimist

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But an optimist lover wants to see the partner also to be in a happy mood as well and there are certain truths that you should know prior to making relationships with such people, to maintain the stability of your relationship in the long run.


No Tolerance For Extremely Negative Feelings

Optimistic people cannot bear to live with too negative-minded partners, who may try to cloud their positive insight. It is unbearable for them to see extremely gloomy faces for a long time, failing all their trials to cheer up their partners. It is painful for an optimist person to listen to the continuous complaints of the partner, who may simply refuse to change their outlook.

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Too Energetic For Handling Multi Tasks

Optimistic people are always found to be booming with an immense amount of energy to handle many works in a day. They complete all domestic and professional works very swiftly, without complaining about the work-load. But they also expect their partners to be in the same mood and cannot understand the difficulty of others in managing many tasks.


Shower Extra Love For Babies Or Pets

The positive-minded people are found to be affectionate towards everyone around them. So, they cannot walk away without showing their love to a smiling baby, even of any unknown person. Similarly, they care for all types of animals around them, including the stray cats and dogs, which can sometimes be irritating for their partners, mainly if they do not like animals.


More Sensitive Towards Rude Jokes

The people, who are highly optimistic in nature, show some sensitive attitude towards the harsh words or insensitive jokes of others. They may particularly feel offended at the sarcastic comments of their partners, which may even lead to a breakup of the relationships. So, it is better to handle these people carefully and not to make any comment about them, without giving it a second thought.


Do Everything To Please The Partner

Optimistic people are very passionate lovers and their main aim remains to cheer up their partners in any possible way. They are ready to make tasty breakfast for their partners or may take them out for dinner, along with a movie date. Their partners are actually pampered and they are sure to get whatever they ask for from their optimistic love partners.


Become Severely Emotional At Times

These optimist lovers normally do not prefer to show out their emotions too often, like many other people. But if they are really unable to hold onto their emotions, it comes out too intensely that may make their partners very uncomfortable at such instances. Their face turns red and they actually burst out into tears, if they truly feel very emotional.


Too Helpful In All Walks Of Life

The optimist partners are always ready to help their love interests, even if they are not asked to do so. They hardly prefer to sit and relax, when the others are working at home. These people are very keen to share the burden of others, particularly of their life partners and help them relax peacefully.


Always See The Positive Aspects Of Life

An optimist person will always find the life as fulfilled and does not like to regret for anything. The positive-mindedness of this type of people helps them to maintain their cheerful mood that enriches their personal relationships. Life is a never-ending celebration for these people and they want their partners to adopt the same attitude towards life.


They Expect Their Partners To Be Romantic

These optimist lovers want their partners to be always in a romantic mood, which includes quoting a few lines of a romantic poem or singing a romantic song for them, as they will do the same to woo their partners. Lack of romanticism from the other person can really hurt them and may also hamper their relationships.


Do Not Easily Give Up On The Relationship

The optimist people may have ups and downs in their relationships with their partners. But they do not easily give up and walk away from their relationships, due to their positive views towards everything in life. They keep on expecting that their relationship will become normal again, even if the present situation is completely adverse for them.

The lovers of the optimist persons should be ready for facing all these traits in their partners, whether they really like it or not. However, overall positivity yields good results in the life of all.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 12:09 [IST]
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