Classy Proposing Ideas: These Will Definitely Make Her Say A Yes

By Soham Senapati

Are you in search of ways to let your inner demon to rest and bring out the classy alpha male in you while proposing to your lady love? Proposing can be difficult if you are uncertain of the way to propose.

Well, now it won't be. I am going to list down the classy ways to do the one time thing to remember for this lifetime.

creative ways to propose

This hub will have all very classy ways to make your lady love say a yes. Just a simple reminder, guys, don't do it for her. Do it for the both of you. It is a milestone of your life. Remember this and do it accordingly.

Come on guys, let's dribble our way through the ideas below.

1. Dinner Date Proposal:-

This might sound like a usual proposal method, where the guy and the girl go to a restaurant and the ring is dipped in a glass of wine or champagne.
Well, I improvised it.
Make sure to have a reservation in a classy restaurant. Before-hand, let the manager know of this idea that you are going to propose your lady love. Engrave on spoons, fork, and butter knives, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?". When you sit for the date, remember to tell the waiter to keep these cutlery apart and only while serving should it be given. This would be a very silent, classy and effective proposal.

Make sure to keep it subtle and classy.

2. Flash Mob Proposal:-

Not every day you see a flash mob and when that flash mob is for your love, won't she be overwhelmed?
Yes, I know you are thinking how would you do this flash mob. Hire a dance group, tell them your plan.
You can either be with your lady while the flash mob continues. And suddenly when her mind is totally distracted towards the flash mob, go down on your knees, and do the needful.

Remember, you can work it out with your friends too if they want to help. This way, it would be more surprising for her to think why your friends are doing a flash mob. Act along and go ahead.

creative ways to propose

3. Woods And Ways:-

Woods are seemingly beautiful and great for photographs. How great will it be if you both are walking together in the woods and out of nowhere you bend down on your knee and give her the surprise.

Twist here too!

Hire a photographer. You don't want this to be a sensory memory but a lifetime proof. Let him also walk around anonymously but at the right moment, let him capture the emotion that you want your lady to treasure.

creative ways to propose

4. A Private Affair Proposal:-

This is for those who like to keep things extremely personal. Make illustrations showing pathway to the living room. Decorate the room using your DIY skills. Make a puzzle for her to solve. When she solves, she finds the rings, but ofcourse, an illustration version. And... she is surprised!
Now go down on your knees and show the reality of that illustration. Present her a unique ring. Make sure to plant cameras everywhere and record the whole scene.

5. Bookworm Proposal:-

If your lady is a bookworm, buy her favourite book, 2 nos. Underline the words that would form a sentence which will express your love. While the first half of the book has underlined words, make a hollow circle in the other half. Put the ring into it. Put a photo over it and behind the photo write, "will you marry me?". Give it to her.

Now watch as the reality unfolds. She would first read the underlined words speaking a lot of you and her. Then, she sees the hollow part and starts opening the picture that is seen through the hollow area. She removes the picture and sees the ring, and turns the photo to read the last sentence.
Bend down on your knees and do the honour.

These 5 classy proposing ideas are for you to try on. And don't forget to write your feedback in the comment section.

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