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    Sexual Cravings Men Have

    A perfect relationship is a fiction in the present reality. A satisfying relationship is what we can achieve and crave for. But in order to know deep down on what exactly is a satisfying relationship, one must know the variety of things that revolve in and around a relationship.

    Talking about men and women and sexuality.

    sexual cravings men have

    Men have more sexual cravings than women. There are some women who also have intense sexual cravings; but on an average, men have a higher rate of sexual cravings than women. Men think about sex and sex-related issues more than women. The sexual fantasies of men are way more than women and we all know about it.

    In this article, you will find about all the sexual cravings men have in a relationship.

    Sexual Cravings Men Have

    1. Men like it when women take charge

    Men do have sexual cravings about women taking charge while having sex. They like to see their women taking the leap at times. When a woman shows her man all the way she does solo making love sessions in front of her man, it becomes a fantasy that men like to fulfill. They like it when women make love all by their own with ways of pleasing themselves.

    They like the expressions that run on the face and the body movements.

    This is one of the biggest sexual cravings men have.

    They like their women sans clothes on the bed making love with herself all by her own.

    2. Men like to know women's preferences

    Every man and woman is different. Each of them has a different perspective on the way they want sex.

    Men love the fact about their woman when she tells him what all is her preferences in sex. This appeals a lot to men and is a big turn on for them. He wants you to tell him where you like to get touched and what all positions give you happiness.

    Open up to your man today and let him know.

    3. Men don't want you to close your eyes

    One of the most common sexual urges that men have is for their partners to watch what is going on.
    It makes men get turned on when their partner is fully aware of everything that is going on.
    Men respond well to visual stimuli. Guys want something to look at, and they love it when their partner gives them a show.

    4. Spontaneity of sex

    Men don't like sex when it is a routine. They like the spontaneous and sudden offering of intimacy. The mundane routine of having sex every night once the kids go to bed becomes boring for them. All men crave a little spontaneity in their sex lives, and if their woman offers the same spontaneity, it turns them on. The intimacy becomes a spark and it feels really good to men.

    5. Men like it when women undress

    Men like it when women undress and then undress the men as well. It arouses the men. Any woman in her bare essentials is a big arousal for every man.

    6. Men like to experiment with different positions

    If you and your man is doing only missionary and cowboy, then be sure the sex will turn sour after repeated times. Men lose interest in such cases. They like to experiment. They like to showcase the various other positions and that ignites a flare inside them. Trust the stone that unfolds in reality after you change positions while having sex. It just aggravates the sexual craving and men try to win you over in all such positions.

    7. Men want to be dominated sometimes

    Men at times prefer their women do take control of the situation and run through the protocol; all by herself dominating the man. If you can boss your man a little bit, then the sexual cravings of your man increase.

    8. Talk about fantasies

    Men fantasize a lot more than women do and it is true. Men like to talk about their fantasies with their woman. It gives them a sexual craving. It helps their woman as well in knowing what all ideas are running on in the minds of the men.

    These 8 sexual cravings are the ones you need to know of certain about your man.

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