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    Love Story: When Love Has To Happen, It Does!

    By Shatavisha Chakravorty

    It is an innate human tendency to love others and in turn desire to be loved by them. No one can claim to be above this basic feeling. Even in the case of those people who prefer to live their life alone, there comes a point when they seek romantic companionship (or, in some cases, regret the absence of one).

    However, this is something that we cannot do much about. For when love has to happen, it will. At times, being desperate will get one nowhere.

    my story

    That is why we say that unlike your career and profession, love is something that cannot be planned. You will never know when and where that will happen.

    For people who think that Cupid's arrow will never strike them, the wheel of time often shows a different story. That was exactly what happened in the case of Norman and Vaishnavi.

    Neither of them was prepared for this. But when it did happen, it just occurred so fast that neither of them was in a position to retaliate. Read on to know more.


    The Well-bred Girl

    Vaishnavi came from a well-to-do family in Uttarakhand. Following her graduation, she was now pursuing her masters in Economics from one of the most renowned institutions under the Delhi University. A Master's degree left her with a lot of time to spare. That was when she enrolled for the literary club in order to fine tune her debating sills.


    The Trainer

    Norman was a Goa-born Anglo Indian. Coming from one of the most happy-go-lucky families, since his childhood he was given total liberty to pursue what he chose. That was how he took up beat-boxing very seriously and moved to Delhi to make a living out of it.

    However, as luck would have it, that was no easy job. To make matters worse, surviving in a city like Delhi needed a lot of cash. Thus, in order to supplement his meager earnings, Norman took up the role of a debate trainer.

    With English as his mother tongue, Norman had a very good command over the language. This made him cut out for this job role (What else could a 12th pass boy do in Delhi?)


    The Disdain

    With the beginning of a new month, a fresh batch of wannabe debaters came to Norman. One particular girl stood out in the crowd. This was not because she was exemplary brilliant or something of that likes.

    It was just because of her grammatically incorrect, heavily accented English. She was not meant to be a debater was what Norman thought.


    Mutual Dislike

    The other side of the story was Vaishnavi's bafflement, on learning that her trainer was not even a graduate. The thought of someone who is way less qualified than she being her teacher was something that did not appeal to this aristocratic girl.


    As The Classes Progressed

    What started out as a mutual dislike for each other soon took the form of friendship. Vaishnavi's learning curve started growing exponentially. She realized that there was a lot to learn from Norman and started working very fast to make the most out of any opportunity that came her way.

    This in turn impressed Norman, who had taken her for a rich spoilt brat. Her zeal and hard work impressed him. Soon, Vaishnavi and Norman started meeting before and after the debate sessions.

    During such informal sessions, both of them discussed everything under the sun. This went on to the extent that both of them started looking forward to these sessions more than the actual classes.


    The Next Big Step

    The course of his friendship with Vaishnavi told Norman that hers was a very orthodox family that will never be okay with the idea of her dating a boy (let alone one from a different religion altogether).

    He was also absolutely certain about his feelings for her. So, the best thing he could think of was this...

    One fine Sunday morning, he boarded the bus from Delhi to Rudrapur. On landing at her ancestral doorstep, the bold and confident Norman asked her father for her hand in marriage.


    The Unexpected Twist

    From what he had heard of Vaisnavi's family, Norman was mentally prepared to be lashed, shouted at and insulted that day. His love for Vaishnavi made all of these worth it.

    Hence, when Vaishnavi's father got up from his chair and hugged Norman, the young lad was not prepared for the same. Apparently, Vaishnavi's father was impressed by this boy's dedication and that is what made him accept Norman wholeheartedly.


    The Festivities Roared

    Vaishnavi's father was so happy with his daughter having found someone who loved her so deeply that he wanted the wedding to take place at the earliest. However, Vaishnavi was not ready for it.

    She wanted the best caterers, wedding venue and attire for herself on her special day and procuring the same was bound to take time. Hence, the father-daughter duo arrived at the mutual conclusion of having a quick engagement immediately followed by a grand wedding in about six months' time.


    Walking Down The Aisle

    What followed was a marriage that people will remember for generations to come. In the morning, Vaishnavi walked down the aisle in Norman's family church in Goa. The couple and immediate family members then flew down to Rudrapur where the typical Hindu marriage took place amidst all festivity.

    With both Christian and Hindu Gods showering their blessings on the young couple, they had more than one reason to look forward to for a lifetime of togetherness.


    The Journey Thereon

    Today, three years into their marriage, the couple is blessed with an adorable daughter. They now live in the plush area of Golf Links in Delhi. Norman has started his own corporate training organization and Vaishnavi works for an MNC.

    With this out-of-the-box relationship adjusting itself to cater to the norms of culture and tradition, we are confident that this relationship is one which will survive in the long run. Here's congratulating the couple on this lifetime of togetherness.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 17:20 [IST]
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