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    8 Ways To Make A Good Impression & Make them Want Some More Of You

    By Soham Senapati  

    Making a proper first impression is the way to open a chest full of oppurtunities, when it comes to seeking a partner.

    Most people will judge you within the first or second meeting and will form an opinion that will most likely never change. Making a good first impression is incredibly important because you only get one shot at it.

    ways to make an impression

    In truth, you should know how to make people like you after just a few short moments together. Even if you're the introverted type, you never know what could result from a positive meeting with someone. You could end up with a relationship or even an incredible dating partner based on how they feel about you right away.

    So, let's find out about the ways in which you can sway someone with a good impression and make them want more of you.

    ways to make an impression

    #1. Smile Often:-

    Make them think their presence with you makes you happy and cheerful. Smiling is contagious and none can ignore it.

    It creates a perfect impression for you. Smile is a positive factor about getting a better impression on people. Try to have a genuine smile in your first date. Make your partner feel more comfortable.

    #2. Body Language:-

    Body language is a form of expression that your body shows while you converse.

    It is important to be cognizant of how your body reacts in different situations such as when you are nervous or even over-confident.
    Smirks, eye rolls, and nervous tics can be perceived as disinterest or impatience, even if that is not your intention.

    There are various guides available online to help you learn more about body language.

    #3. Eye Contact:-

    It is said easy but not always is. Eye contact is very important when it comes to making an impression.

    Eyes are the pathway to your soul and having a proper eye contact with someone helps you. Focus on making eye contact when speaking and listening.
    This fuels the wanting of the other person to know you more as you seem more confident and open-minded.

    ways to make an impression

    #4. Be A Good Listener:-

    Approaching someone with the interest of date or relationship is easier than being a good listener. You need to listen what the other person is speaking.

    This not only gives you the insight of what is he/she thinking, but it also helps in understanding the person as a whole.

    Listening is an acquired skill and people like to talk about themselves. If you give them your ears to hear them speak all they want, you are certain that they would ask for you more and more.

    #5. Sans Interruption:-

    Remember you won't like when you are speaking about something to someone and that person just interrupts inbetween.

    In, the same way, never interrupt inbetween a conversation, where he/she is speaking and you are listening. If you interrupt, it shows you have no etiquette, or are impatient or bored by him/her.

    This won't help you to get to meet that person again. So, never interrupt, wait for your cue, and then talk what you want.

    #6. Let Them Feel Special:-

    If you can make someone feel special, be certain that person will come back to you wanting more. And when that happens, you know you have been caught in their attention and you would be the same from now on.

    This in turn will make them have a great impression of you.

    #7. Physical Contact:-

    Having a firm handshake tells a lot about that person. In the same way, make gentle and subtle physical contact. Once you make physical contact, it shows you have built a connection with the person.
    He/she will feel connected and will remember you positively in the long run.

    #8. Dress Carefully:-

    Your way of dressing speaks a lot about you and your interests. So, remember to impress by the choice of clothes you wear. According to the arrangement of the meet, dress yourself appropiately for the meet and make sure you look tidy.

    These 8 ways will make sure you have a great time and will make the other person want you more.
    Feel free to post comments in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 15:55 [IST]
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