Why Some Women Fall For Womanisers

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We all know that womanisers are not fit for a steady relationship. But some women fall for them and the rest of us wonder why.

Some women may fall for a womaniser without knowing his actual character whereas some women fall for them even after knowing his tendencies. How?

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Well, here are some reasons that psychologists figured out. But remember the fact that a dishonest, manipulative, narcissistic and insensitive man is not worth your heart even though he looks mysteriously attractive and charming!


Reason #1

Many surveys claim that womanisers carry an air of charm. Their presence, behaviour and traits make them more interesting than a normal guy.


Reason #2

They know what women want to hear. They speak the right words. They have some knowledge about women. They try to use it to get what they want.

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Reason #3

Most of the womanisers are alpha personalities. They display confidence levels, power and attitude that could temporarily mesmerise anyone.


Reason #4

They are manipulators. They know how to make a woman feel special. They know how to play mind games and temporarily make the woman believe that she's at the top of the world.

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Reason #5

They are intelligent in conversations. They have interesting words to speak. This makes people believe that they have something in them which is attractive.


Reason #6

They make a woman believe that taking a risk is the only way to enjoy life. This is how they manage to make someone shed inhibitions fast.


Reason #7

Some women get attracted to a guy who is spicy, thrilling, mysterious and even unpredictable. All these qualities are displayed by womanisers to trap their targets.

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Reason #8

They groom themselves well. They dress up well; they update themselves. They ensure that every aspect of the personality is interesting to others.


Reason #9

A study claims that a man who is always surrounded by women may sub consciously make an impact on other women. He will come across as attractive and valuable.

And when such a guy shows interest, some women fall fast. When a man is approaching you even when he has many other beautiful women around, it could be flattering. But it is dangerous to fall for him.

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