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Why Revenge Porn Is Domestic Violence?

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Most of us think that domestic violence is only physical violence. We picture one partner hitting the other. But no; domestic violence could also be emotional, psychological or even digital too!

What is digital violence? Well, sharing private pictures of a partner without consent is one form of digital violence.

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Generally, abusers try to control or intimidate their partners with such tactics. In most of the cases, an abusive partner tends to resort to such behaviour in order to cause pain to the other. Here are some more facts...


Fact #1

A recent survey claims that 90% of the time, the victims of revenge porn or digital domestic violence are women. Only in rare cases, men see themselves being taken for the ride.


Fact #2

After a breakup, if your partner tries to upload your intimate pictures on social networking sites, then it could be a blackmailing tactic.

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Fact #3

Installing secret cameras in the bathroom (or changing room) and sharing the footage with friends is also revenge porn which is a crime.


Fact #4

In most of the cases, the main motive is to take revenge on someone who just moved on and is living peacefully.


Fact #5

A recent study claims that one in every 10 failed relationships may have one partner threatening the other by leaking intimate pictures.


Fact #6

The emotional pain and mental torture that revenge porn can cause is huge. In fact, it comes under criminal harassment and is punishable.

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