What Decides The Length Of A Relationship?

Today, the average length of a relationship is reducing and most of us perceive so many external reasons behind the failing relationships.

But what could be the internal reason? Well, in simpler words, lack of love is what separates two people. But if you want a scientific explanation for that, you may need to read this post completely.

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Recently, researchers found out the main ingredient of relationships which can decide the length of a relationship. Read on to know more about that ingredient.


What Decides The Length Of A Relationship?

A new study claims that oxytocin levels in the brain decide the length of a relationship. Maybe that is the reason why oxytocin is called as the love hormone.

How Researchers Came To Know About This?

When researchers compared couples who are together for long and those who have just broke up, they realised that lower levels of oxytocin in the couples can make them feel like walking out of the relationship.

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What Can Make Or Break Relationships?

Researchers first examined oxytocin levels in couples who have just started dating each other and called them after 6-8 months later.

What they realised was that the couples in whom higher levels of oxytocin levels were recorded were happier in their relationships and the rest of the couples almost broke up!

Conclusion Of The Study

This study made researchers conclude that oxytocin can be a very important factor in deciding the average length of a relationship.

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Another Experiment

Researchers also used a spray of oxytocin to see whether it could instantly boost the quality of relationships. It worked and in animals also, researchers noticed the fact that oxytocin makes monkeys kinder towards their babies though they are in an irritated mood!

What Can We Do About This?

Can we do anything about relationships after knowing about this discovery? Well, maybe it is better to find ways of releasing oxytocin in order to prolong the length of a relationship.

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What Boosts Oxytocin Levels?

What helps release oxytocin? Cuddling, spending quality time together, touching each other with love and trying to understand each other may help boost oxytocin levels.

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