Why Men Who Are Feminists Are Hot?

When a man says he is a feminist, he is perceived to be a safer bet. Men often get confused about what attracts women more. Some sweat it out in the gym thinking that big muscles can get more female attention.

Others try to slog in their professions thinking that earning more money and a better status can get the right woman in their lives.

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To be precise, today's women perceive feminist men as hot. At least, that's one quality that they seek in the men they date. Looks and status are secondary for most of the women who are independent and stable in their careers.


They Respect Women

Men who understand feminism tend to treat women as equals. They respect women. They know that both superiority and inferiority are illusions and equality is the only fact when it comes to human beings.

They Know What Independence Is About

A feminist man chooses an independent woman who knows what she is doing. He never tries to control or encroach too much into her life as he knows that she has a life of her own.

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They Never Show The Typical Male Ego

Men with male egos cannot survive stable relationships. A feminist man puts aside his ego and treats his woman well.

They Are Educated

Many surveys indicate that most of the feminist men and women are among the educated classes. This implies that your feminist man is decent, polished and educated.

They Are Secure

A secure man is the one who can give you ample of space and never tries to put any kind of restrictions in your life in the name of love. Feminist men are like that.

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They Are Examples Of Changing Trends

A century ago, things were different. Men treated women in a different way. But with changing times, men understood what feminism is about. So, your feminist guy is part of the changing trend in this world.

They Are Not Hypocritical

There are so many men who talk a lot about women empowerment but when you look deeper into their family lives, you will understand that they are men who never allow their sisters or daughters to pursue an adventurous career or marry the man of their dreams. At least, feminist men aren't so hypocritical. They stand by their values.

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