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Myths About Men's Preferences

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With changing times, many things change. The same applies to men's dating preferences too. Women think that certain things work when it comes to attracting men. They are right most of the time. But in some cases, they might be wrong.

Here is a good example. When your boyfriend suddenly knocks your door and when you are in your night dress with unruly hair and without any make up, you might think you made a bad impression.

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But no! Men always crave to see the natural avatar and yes, they don't lose interest. In fact, natural looks turn men faster. Here are some more facts.


Myth 1: All Men Fall For Revealing Clothes

Fact: In many surveys, men admitted that they quickly get attracted to women who wear revealing outfits. But when looking for a committed partner, men agreed that more than the outfits, they look for elegance.


Myth 2: All Men Like To Have A Girlfriend Who Looks Like A Super Model

Fact: No, you don't need to go on extreme diets or weight loss programs as majority of men agreed that women who look real and naturally beautiful are preferable.

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Myth 3: Men Like Fiercely Independent Women

Fact: Both over-dependence and over-independence may not go well. Most of the men prefer a middle path. Men like to do certain things to women to make her feel special.

Men find joy in doing so. If you are highly independent and never let him do anything for you, he may not get the pleasure of bonding. Also, if you are too dependent and rely on him for everything every moment, it might turn him off!


Myth 4: Men Like Passive Women In Bed

Fact: Gone are those days when men had to do everything in bed. Today's men like it when women take active part in bed and discuss about what turns on.

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Myth 5: Acting Silly Is Cute

Fact: Men who are serious about relationships prefer smart women who can understand a lot of things and share common interests. Acting like a little girl, doing silly mischief or acting innocent may not be impressive all the time.


Myth 6: Bright Makeup Is Beautiful

Fact: Minimal makeup is what men like. Very bright or loud makeup, stunning lipstick shades and crazy hairstyles aren't generally appreciated by men who are serious about relationships.

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Myth 7: Damsel In Distress Is Cute

Fact: Gone are the days when men felt like heroes looking at a woman in trouble. Today, women are powerful and capable. So, the percentage of men who still think that women need help is decreasing.

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