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Study: Even Men Are Scared Of Physical Abuse!

Generally, men are perceived as the ones who initiate an assault physically. But a small percentage of men are on the receiving end too. And yes, those men feel traumatised and scared just like the way any other victim of physical abuse.

A new study says that anybody who is a victim of physical abuse tends to undergo pain irrespective of their gender.

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Here are some surprising facts which are a result of a new study.


What's Physical Abuse?

Physical abuse or assault can even include undesirable touch at unwanted places. It could even be rape. Such action could trigger depression fear, addictions, shock, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts whether it is a man or a woman.

What Studies Say?

Till now, a majority of the studies were focused on the consequences of such actions in women but very less has been studied about cases where men were on the receiving end. But a new study says that even men get terribly affected when they are abused by anyone.

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Conflicting Opinions On This

Till now, there were conflicting opinions on this. It is natural to think that men enjoy physical abuse or men can fight such abuse and defend themselves.

But contrary to such opinions, a new study claimed that there are some men who could not fight unwanted touch and suffered depression due to sexual abuse!

Myths About Men

This study finally cleared the myths. Both men and women who are victims of physical abuse react in the same way. Depression could occur to both the genders in such helpless situations.

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What A Recent Study Says

After studying a group of 11000 men and women, researchers came to a conclusion that physical abuse or domestic violence can affect anyone irrespective of their genders.

What Surveys Say

Surveys say that men constitute more than 20% of the unreported cases of physical abuse. Most of them silently suffer. Also, as men don't cry publicly or vent out their frustration, they may tend to deal with the pain silently but sooner or later, they too experience depression due to that.

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