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Love Vs. Attachment

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Sometimes, it is easy to confuse attachment with love. Though there is nothing wrong in getting attached, sooner or later, it is better to graduate to love as attachment binds us more.

In relationships, we all learn lessons and attachment is one such lesson that may look like a sweet experience in the initial stages.

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But as time passes by, attachment may turn into an addiction and can create insecurity and hatred too. Read on to know more about love and attachment.


Fact #1

When you are in love with someone, you will have only positive feelings for that person. But if you are attached to someone, there might be anxiety, fear and insecurity if that person tries to leave you.


Fact #2

Love is more about being selfless whereas attachment is another form of selfishness. You may desperately want that person to always be near you if you are too attached.

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Fact #3

Love is graceful and helps each other grow. But if it is just attachment, you would not want your partner to move even an inch out of your boundaries.


Fact #4

Love gives freedom whereas attachment could make you possessive. Even if your partner tries to spend time with someone else, you may tend to feel insecure.

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Fact #5

Love makes you do anything for your partner, whereas attachment makes you feel like doing something only if your partner is around you providing the comfort of warmth.


Fact #6

Love makes life beautiful whereas attachment may breed misery in the long run.

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