Don't Call Him A Boyfriend Until...

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Sometimes, you might get confused about what to call that guy who regularly visits you, watches movies, exchanges favourite books, comes to movies, hangs around and even helps you out.

Well, you just can't call him a boyfriend if he just does such things for you, right? There is a lot more necessary to call a guy your boyfriend.

Though labels aren't important, clarity is important. In order to get clarity, look for the signs. Call him a boyfriend only if you see those signs in him.


He Takes Initiative

Are you the one who needs to do everything? Or does he take the initiative? Does he show interest in talking to you? Does he feel happy to come with you and spend time often without you forcing him to?


He Initiates Conversations

Does he call voluntarily? Or does he answer only when you call? Call him a boyfriend only when he initiates the chat without you having to make him talk all the time.


He Is Clear About Where You Are Heading

Call him your boyfriend only when both of you know where you are heading. If he is just hanging out with you without giving you any clarity about future commitment, then he isn't a boyfriend.


He Stops Looking Around

Call him your boyfriend only if he stops looking at other attractive women around.


He Reads Your Mind

Does he seem to sense your moods instinctively? Does he seem to read your mind magically? Then you can call him your boyfriend as that shows his enthusiasm to keep you happy.


He Is Okay With Your Crazy Side?

Call him your boyfriend only if he is okay with your bad qualities too. Nobody is perfect. Your boyfriend should be able to tolerate your imperfection.


He Talks To Parents

Call him your boyfriend only if he is okay to tell the world that you are part of his life. Otherwise, don't call him your boyfriend.

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Story first published: Monday, March 13, 2017, 16:07 [IST]
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