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Why You Must Love Yourself First?

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Love is a beautiful emotion but relationships could be chaotic. It isn't realistic to expect harmonious and stable relationships all the time. All relationships go through wear and tear and that is why one must first be able to love oneself before getting into a relationship.

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When you feel the rush in your nerves during the honeymoon phase of any relationship, things look beautiful; but if something goes wrong and leads to a breakup, that is when the depressive stage starts. That is the phase one could get into self-destructive behaviour like getting addicted to alcohol or cutting off the world.

In fact, when you have a void within that needs to be filled, you will never be able to fill that vacuum. If you love yourself first then you will seldom pin all your hopes on someone else to make yourself feel complete.

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When you feel complete within, you tend to be emotionally independent. And that makes you look more attractive. But when you crave for satisfaction desperately then that is what makes your bond unhealthy because when a tiny jolt shatters your bond, you are again back to square one looking at the void within you and waiting for someone else to come and fill it.

Here are some more reasons to love yourself first...


Reason #1

Unless you believe that you deserve love, nobody will fall in love with you. When you have fears inside your heart and feel that you are unworthy of love, your partner might not be able to love you fully.


Reason #2

Also, without loving yourself unconditionally you can't open up yourself completely and this makes it difficult for people to accept you as you are.


Reason #3

Feelings of self doubt may irritate your partner. If you constantly need the other person to assure you how good you are, people will avoid your company soon.


Reason #4

Restlessness and confusion cloud your mind when you are incapable of seeing yourself as a good partner. Unless you convince yourself that you are awesome, you can't convince others that you are awesome.


Reason #5

You can't handle ups and downs of a relationship with grace when you don't love yourself. Every single tremor in the relationship throws you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. That makes it unpleasant for the other person to stay in the relationship with you.


Reason #6

You tend to have inner insecurities when there is lack of self love. You keep doubting the future of the relationship as you are deeply convinced that you are not worthy enough and your partner would dump you sooner or later.


Reason #7

You can't digest a breakup if you don't love yourself. You may take it serious or get terribly hurt or rejected when your partner walks out with a valid reason. But when you love yourself, you can understand the situation with maturity and will be able to come out of the pain within a couple of days without using alcohol or drugs to mask your pain temporarily. That is growth and that is how you become complete.

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