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Why Some Men Don't Call Back After The First Date

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Women who have good looks, right attitude and lots of other qualities that entice men may sometimes wonder why some men don't call after the first date.

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Well, sometimes, men want to feel important and therefore, they may wait for the woman to call. Some men may feel shy to call soon after the first date.

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But there are others who have another reason for not calling. The reason is: they aren't impressed with the woman! Yes, in spite of good looks and many other qualities, some men take a back step due to other reasons. Read on to know....


Dirty Feet

For some men, ugly feet is a very big turn off that they may not be able to date someone with dirty feet. Well, it is their problem; not yours. So, ignore the guy but still keep your feet clean when you date some other man.


Speaking About Money

Some men don't like it if the woman asks about his salary or other financial aspects on the first date. They think the woman is trying to peep into the wallet and may distance themselves soon.


Speaking About Ex

Even if it is by mistake, if you speak about ex either positively or negatively, some men may not like it at least on the first date. Also, if you praise another man on the first date, that would also turn a man off.


Shouting At The Waiter

Some men get intimidated when they see a woman shouting. Of course, men love powerful women but strength doesn't mean intolerance or screaming for everything. So, they will back off.


Making Fun

Sense of humour is okay but if you make fun of the guy on the first date thinking that he would laugh, he may run away soon after the date. Men hate women poking fun about their physical features like baldness or paunch.



Only young guys will love to fall in love with bubbly immature and young girls who have no clue about life or relationships. So, if you have mature opinions on anything, he may call back but if you have shown your immaturity by talking too much, he may not call back.


Clingy/Argumentative Qualities

If he perceives you as a clingy person or argumentative person, he may not call back. Men try to steer clear from women who pick up an argument and try to make a point out of everything.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 17:42 [IST]
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