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Money Or Manliness: What Women Want

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Men fail to understand women. Also, men fail to realise that not all women are alike. Their preferneces vary. Therefore, no man can generalise what woman want.

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But in a survey, when more than 150 women of various age groups and backgrounds were asked to choose one between money and manliness, their answers varied.

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Not all of them chose money or manliness. In fact, some said they want neither and some said they want both. Confused? Then read on to know more...


Fact #1

Independent women admitted that they can earn the money they want and would only expect good company from a man. And of course, they also said that manliness would surely be a plus point.


Fact #2

Some women who are in their thirties opted for money as they said that they have seen enough of manliness in their past.


Fact #3

Women in their 20's voted for both money and manliness. But when they were asked to choose only one, they opted for manliness.


Fact #4

Mature women said they neither want money nor manliness as they have seen it all and have enough prosperity in their lives. They opined that life is about experiencing many beautiful things and for them money and manliness are just one colour of the whole spectrum and nothing more than that.


Fact #5

Some divorced women who are in their thirties were asked to choose one between money and manliness. They all surprisingly reported that happiness lies elsewhere, neither in money nor men. They seemed to be in a phase where they just wanted peace.


Fact #6

Women who were raised in financially challenged families openly admitted that money is a must and they are okay to marry a man who isn't so handsome or manly in bed.


Fact #7

Some women opined that manliness is a must if its a short term relationship and money must be there if it is a long-term relationship.

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