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Why Making Her Jealous Never Works

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Some guys enjoy the fun of making their girlfriends jealous for a while. It seems to give them a kick but as times have changed a lot, it isn't wise to try such pranks today.

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Yes, today women have too many options around them. If not you, she will surely find another better man in a jiffy and happily move on.
Yes, statistics claim that women are no longer feeling lonely or betrayed if they lose a man or fail in a relationship. This is because they have many men running after them.

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Now, why will any woman sit and cry in a corner if you make her jealous? She will happily find a better guy and start a new relationship in front of your very own eyes and make you feel jealous! Now, read on to know other reasons why you shouldn't try such things.


She Might Cry

If she is a sensitive girl, she might immediately break down into tears if you get close to another girl in front of her even if it is just to make her jealous. Making her cry will get you nothing but guilt.


She Might Feel Like Breaking Up

She will surely try to breakup with you if she thinks that you are really having fun with someone else.


You Might Lose Trust

She will never trust you again as suspicion will start tearing her apart. So, even if she continues in the relationship with you, she will keep suspecting you even if you talk to another girl. Why dig your own grave?


She Might Feel Betrayed

When a woman feels betrayed, she will never respect the man again. That is what happens if you try to make her jealous by flirting with someone else in front of her.


She Might Try The Same

What if she too tries the same trick? Can you take it? Imagine your girlfriend trying to offer a kiss to another guy in front of you. Won't it pain you? Have some empathy.


She Might Get Closer To Her Colleagues

If she takes your closeness to another girl seriously, she too will gradually try to get closer to her male colleagues just to see how it feels. Is it really necessary?


Her Friends May Poison Her Mind

When her friends see you getting close to another girl just to make your girlfriend jealous, they will surely poison her mind saying that you are not a good boyfriend to keep. This will surely make her opt for a break up.


She Might Punch You...

If you ever express your love to her, she may surely punch you on your face!

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 4:03 [IST]
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