What We Can Learn From Deepika Padukone

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Life is full of challenges, problems and anxieties for anyone. Most of us think that celebrities can escape all the trauma and drama that we have to face in life but frankly speaking, they too have to deal with tons of stress and cope up with many issues.

Apart from all that, they have to still maintain their good looks, hide their worries and smile in front of the camera.

Some actors inspire us with their on-screen roles wheres some inspire us with their real life personalities. Deepika Padukone is one such successful celebrity whose life has some simple but very good lessons to teach us. Let us look at them...


Lesson #1

After you break up with someone, you tend to cut off all ties with that person. What if you have to work with that person? Well, you would feel uncomfortable. Its natural. But Deepika showed her professional commitment by working with her ex without making any fuss.


Lesson #2

Breaks ups don't need to be ugly. Moving on doesn't need to involve posting nasty comments on social media or washing dirty linen in public. Deepika never made things ugly for anyone and chose to walk out gracefully when her relationships ended.


Lesson #3

Most of us would want to hide our problems. But when Deepika spoke about depression publicly, it reflected her fearless side and inspired many others who are battling with depression.


Lesson #4

She looks fit all the time. How does she manage? A stressful career on one side and break ups on another are enough to shatter anyone. On the top of that, a problem like depression will make life tough. But looking at her fitness levels, anyone would have to agree that she is a super woman.


Lesson #5

She has a close relationship with her parents. Bonding with parents works like a therapy. Yes, it could heal us. And Deepika admitted that her mother stood by her side during her battle with depression.


Lesson #6

Love failure doesn't need to kill your career. It is very easy to brood over the past and spoil your career after a break up. But Deepika seems to do the opposite. With every passing year, her career graph is zooming off to the skies and today we see her on the international screens. That's really inspiring about her!

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