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What Does A Guy Do After Breakup

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Breakup is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many emotional phases that a couple goes through.

One simply locks themselves behind closed doors, while others just relocate, so that the memories do not haunt them forever.

Generally, breakup is a difficult, emotionally intense phase for both men and women. In this article, we are here to share some of the things a guy generally does when a guy goes through a breakup.

When partners realise that everything is over, they tend to experience enormous amount of stress and pain. Women tend to stay at home or they cry their eyes and hearts out right after a breakup.

But, what do men do? This remains a mystery! So, we are here, and we are about to share what are the things that men tend to do after a breakup.

Though men are bad in expressing their emotions, they do go through an emotional phase. They are generally hard only from outside, but are emotionally like little kids from the inside.

So, read on to know more about the things that men do after a breakup.


Tries To Win The Lady Back

If the guy is still into his ex, he would try all the possible ways to make things work. He would be ready to work miracles to earn forgiveness from her.


Focuses On Himself

Though breakup is painful, it gives men an opportunity to breathe in a gulp of fresh air. They tend to look at the world from a different angle and understand about the importance of personal space and development.


Reconnects With His Old Friends

When men are in the relationship, their main focus would be their lady love. In the process of making their woman happy, they would have ignored their friends; however, after a breakup, it is "bro time" again!


Gets Addicted To Social Media

This is one of the ways in which a guy tries to keep himself busy. Though they do not share their emotions with anyone, they tend to post many sentimental posts, which hint on how broken they really are at that moment.



This is one of the ways in which a man takes out his frustration. Generally, men tend to go to the gym and focus more on building their physique. It helps them to relieve stress, recover from a broken heart and also regain their self-esteem.


Does A Mistake That He Regrets Later

This happens with people who are addicted to lovemaking or with the ones who try to find a way out of the emotional stress that they are going through. This is a mistake which most of them regret later on.

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