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Things Only A Best Friends Should Know

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We all have best friends and there are those who become a part of your life and you would be together until death departs you both!

One's best friends know everything about you. Be it your bitter breakup or the blind date you had, they would know every bit of you which you have not shared with anybody.

Friends are nothing but an extended version of your family. Hence sharing the dirtiest joke or about the crush you have is always welcomed.

There is no filter when you have a best friend. These are the people with whom you spend a lot of time with. The best part about having a best friend is that they would never judge you and are by your side all the time.

In this article, we are about to share about the things only a best friend should know and do it with you all the time. Read on to find out more...


Secret #1

They know the time when you broke up with your ex, and how exactly you felt about that. They would know the actual pain and suffering that you have been going through.


Secret #2

They know about how many hours it takes for you to send out a text to your crush. This is because they are the ones composing those with you.


Secret #3

They know how important it is for you to like their social status or any random updates they have made on social sites.


Secret #4

They know about every little malfunction as well as development in your body or it can be the first-times of everything that you have done with your boyfriend.


Secret #5

The number of times you like to go pee or poop in an emergency situation. Then the look you guys share is something the rest world would not understand.

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