Is It Love? No, She's Controlling You!

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It takes some age and life experience to understand what is love and what is not in the relationships that we have.

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Seriously! There is an age when many things under the disguise of love seem so sweet and luring. But later on, even such sweet acts will trouble us and make us feel like running away from the partner.

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What are those acts? Let us take a look at how some controlling acts look like love to us when we are blindly romancing someone.


He Or She Is Particular About What You Eat

"Honey, eat this, not that!", "Oh, please don't skip the breakfast", "No way! I won't allow you to eat junk food", "I'm concerned about your health, please change your diet!". It looks like concern when your girlfriend utters those lines but check whether she is obsessed with controlling you.


When You Can't Spend Enough Time With Her, She Sulks

When you have a busy schedule, you cant make yourself available even on phone. When you get back to her she sulks. She pushes you away and stops talking to you unless you pamper her for hours together and say sorry for not being in touch. All that looks like love but check whether she is trying to control you.


He Is Over-Concerned About Your Safety

He asks you to cover up your whole body with your dress. He asks you to come home before 6 PM. He never lets you travel alone. Well, he loves you so much and is concerned about your safety. That's good but check whether he has the desire to control you with such rules.


She Asks You To Worship Her God

Your partner is your well-wisher. She prays regularly for the same. But you are not into rituals though you believe in god. But she always forces you to come with her to temples and spend hours together in rituals as she is concerned about worshiping for your future. Well, there is surely some love in it, but if you are feeling as if she is trying to rub her beliefs on your head, then tell her the same.


He Says That No Man Can Ever Love You More

If he constantly reminds how much he's doing for you then he's brainwashing; not loving. Some men try to control their women by making them believe that no other man can give such intense love. They do it to ensure that the woman never dreams of any other man.


When You Upset Her, She Doesn't Eat

You promised her not to smoke again but you were caught doing so. She immediately stops eating food for a day or two until you go and tell sorry. You will perceive it as true love but maybe she is trying to control you in a subtle way. Think again.

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