Does Overactive Love Drive Make You Cheat

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Yes, some people have a hyperactive love drive. And yes, it may damage their relationships as they fail to be satisfied with a single relationship.

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Experts say that a percentage of marriages fail when one of the partners suffer from love addiction. Also, such people tend to spend time meaninglessly searching for something more and more in various relationships instead of feeling happy in their relationships.

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Feeling a need to be loved by the other person is normal. But if there are cravings that make you search for love everywhere then here are some facts you must know...

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In many cases of cheating, the reasons could be generally boredom, dissatisfaction or incompatibility. But what if a partner cheats when there is compatibility and satisfaction in the relationship? Well, that is a case of overactive love drive say experts.

Overactive Love Drive Makes You Cheat2

Love addiction is another name given to an overactive love drive that some people have. Such people may find it difficult to resist the urge of falling in love.

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People suffering from love addiction may or may not have multiple physical relationships. They may also cheat emotionally by getting close to someone out side their relationships.

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Generally, people who have an overactive love drive may not be easily satisfied with their partner as their expectations tend to be very high and they constantly seek stimulation through relationships.

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Like any other addiction, even love addiction becomes a problem when a person feels an uncontrollable urge to stray out too often. That is the point it becomes unhealthy to even carry an urge that seems positive.

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If you are suffering from love addiction, it is better to wait till a phase where your cravings subside before you tie the knot to someone as your partner would suffer a lot.

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If your partner is suffering from love addiction, then it is better to make him or her aware of the problem and the repercussions on your relationship, instead of silently being a victim. And yes, even if your partner never cheats you physically, getting close to someone emotionally may also hurt you. So, you may need to sort it out by talking openly with your partner who suffers love addiction.

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