How Your First Experience Affects Your Future

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Though there are still debates going on about the right age to experiment with physical relationships, experts admit that waiting till the age of 22-25 years would be a wise decision.

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Of course, today's young love birds don't want to wait till so long to taste something which seems to be the forbidden fruit.

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future

They all argue how the first experience can actually affect one's future and ask what's wrong in trying to be naughty when one is still in the teenage. Well, let us discuss what some experts have to say.

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How Your First Experience Affects Your Future Relationships

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future1

If a person gets into a physical relationship before 15 years, it is categorised as early experience according to relationship experts.

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future2

Is it healthy? Well, relationship experts opine that it could impact the person's views in several ways as a person needs to attain a level of maturity before experiencing pleasures for the first time.

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future3

Also, many surveys indicate that people who experience everything too early may end up being less stable in their relationships later on as they keep searching for something in one relationship after another.

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future4

Also, if a person has too many physical encounters before marriage, he or she may keep comparing the spouse with earlier physical experiences and this may bring down the quality of the relationship though it may not be the case all the time.

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future5

Also, relationship experts opine that teenage pregnancies or early parenthood could also have several adverse effects.

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future6

As we age, we tend to develop maturity and wisdom which might help us to choose the right partner. Before attaining the same, every relationship mistake could impact career, stability, peace of mind and social standing too.

How Your First Kiss Affects Your Future7

Of course, in very rare cases, the first experience at a young age happens for the good but in a majority of the cases, trying things too early has been proved to have negative consequences in many ways. So, waiting till the right age is a safe way to avoid depressive phases in love, according to researchers.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 7:15 [IST]
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