Why Love-Making In Hotel Room Steamier?

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Do you know why couples feel like making love more in a hotels? A new study reveals that lovemaking in a hotel room tends to be steamier and satisfying. The research was conducted on more than two thousand people from various countries and most of the participants said that they enjoyed doing it in a hotel room.

Also, another interesting fact that was told by the participants is that love making in hotel rooms lasted longer than usual. A majority of the participants agreed that the quality of the overall steamy session is quite better when its done in a hotel room.

Romantic Adventures For Couples- Kiss

In fact, making out in a different places is like taking part in romantic adventures for couples. This study revealed that couples tend to feel adventurous when they are doing it in a different place other than home.

Romantic Adventures For Couples- Love Making

Also, the frequency is said to increase when it is done in hotel rooms. When most of the participants were asked about how their partners performed in the hotel room, a majority of them agreed that even the partner's performance was much better.

Romantic Adventures For Couples- Bed

The ambiance, the quality of bed and the general atmosphere in the bedroom are also some factors that may have played a role in the enhanced performance and more satisfaction in the overall experience.

Romantic Adventures For Couples- Hug

Some participants have openly said that the comfortable bed and luxurious surroundings might have played a role in making them go crazy.

Romantic Adventures For Couples- Hotel

So, this study finally claims that couples must try something different at least sometimes in order to enhance the quality of their love lives. Also, taking care of small things like the quality of the bed and the surroundings also seems to play a very important role in satisfying the couple.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 13:00 [IST]
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