Beware Of These Red Flags In New Relationships

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Some relationships flow smoothly whereas some don't. There could be a lot of reasons behind the failures of some relationships. Of course, when two incompatible people come together and get attracted to each other, sooner or later they may part ways.

Sometimes, we tend to get addicted to the 'high' or 'kick' or the thrill that some experiences give us. Such experiences make us think that the future of the relationship may be good. But only when two people can stay together both in ups and downs, there would be any future to the relationship.

Unfortunately, we seldom think rationally to analyse such things when we fall in love. We tend to blindly believe that things will work when we jump in relationships. Of course, there is nothing wrong in making mistakes and learning things. But if you keep getting hurt in relationships all the time then too many scars may make you paranoid.

So, in this post, let is discuss about certain red flags of relationships so that you will be able to know whether that new person in your life is your future.


He/She Never Lets You Talk

If your partner never allows you to freely express your views, then imagine how suffocating it would be to live the rest of your life with such a person.


On Facebook He/She 'likes' Others But Not You

Of course, this isn't a red flag, but wait. If your partner spends lots of time chatting with others on Facebook and seldom clicks 'like' even once on your posts, won't you feel ignored?


He/She Ignores You In Public!!

Imagine this situation. Your partner behaves as if you are a stranger in public. Isn't this a red flag? Is she/he not ready to give the relationship any status in the public? This is one of the red flags in new relationships.


He/She Is Constantly In His/Her Own World

If your partner is constantly in his or her own world, would you really feel like sharing your life with that person?


He/She Is Close To Everyone Except You

If your partner is close to everyone around you except you, won't you feel puzzled? This is one of the red flags in new relationships.


Your Conversations Never Run Smoothly

If you are not able to hold even a single conversation even for two minutes with your partner, can you imagine your old age with that person?


You Feel Tensed Up When He/She Is Upset

Does your partner's mood swings scare you? If you are scared to even talk to your partner, would you be able to spend your life happily?


He/She Does Love Bombing

If your partner overwhelms you with lots of gifts and keeps praising you day and night, you might feel good. But most abusers do so in the initial stages to trap the partner. This is one of the red flags of abusive relationships.


He/She Creates Drama

If your partner has the habit of creating a big scene or drama for every small thing, would you be able to imagine your future with that person?


He/She Is Clingy

If your clingy partner never gives you space, do you think that you will be happy in such a relationship?


Rude And Blunt

Straightforwardness is okay but if your partner is rude and blunt, will you be able to enjoy that person's company forever?


He/She Ignores Your Needs But Expects Care

If your partner is selfish and narcissistic, it is time to run away from such a relationship.


He/She Tries To Control

If your partner tries to control or manipulate you all the time, is it okay for you to continue your life with that person? This is one of the red flags of controlling relationships.

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