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Things Your Girlfriend Will Never Tell You

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You might be a the best woman-magnet but it is impossible to read the mind of your woman. Yes, let us admit it. Most of us can never tell what's running inside the head of a woman.

And on the the other side, there are some things she will never tell you. You must carefully read her sometimes to get things clear.

In fact, the beauty of a relationship lies in the mystery. When you are guessing enough to decode her gestures or actions, you tend to get the kick. And many men like figuring out the mystery of a woman. They get their high when they win the heart of a woman after taking lots of pains.

To men, women seem to be complicated and to women, men might seem dry and incapable of emotions. Well, we never know why men and women perceive each other like that. Of course, perceptions depend upon a lot of factors like genetics, childhood conditioning and also the mental and physical conditions at a point of time.

Without getting into such details, let us briefly discuss about the things your girlfriend will never tell you.


She Wants You To Run After Her

Digest this fact- women do love to see men chasing them. They get their high like that. In fact, she feels important if you chase her. Be prepared for this if you want to woo her. If you hate chasing her, you might not win the game.


She Wants To Make You Feel Jealous

If your girl is trying to flirt with that handsome man in your office, that too, in front of you then it is just to make you feel jealous and derive some fun out of it. Yes, she likes you feeling possessive.


She Never Gives You A Clear Answer

A girl will never tell you she likes you. Even if she craves for you, she never gives you that signal. She sends mixed signals and they may confuse you but in fact, she is interested in you but would never like to clearly admit that!


She Tells Her Friends Everything

Whether you like it or not, she keeps telling everything to her close friend. Girls seldom keep secrets.


She Feels Insecure

Though it may sound funny, it is a fact that she feels insecure if you praise any other girl in front of her. Just like the way you feel jealous if she flirts with any man, she too feels insecure if you try to get close to any other girl.


She Compares You With Her Ex

Yes, women do have this tendency. She compares your qualities with that of the other men she knows just to analyse whether you are better than all of them.

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Story first published: Monday, November 30, 2015, 17:38 [IST]
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